Morgan and Ryan

how we met

We met on Tinder! We were both scrolling the app at work and went on a date the same day that we matched.

how they asked

A little background information. Ryan has always wanted to visit Asheville, North Carolina. After doing extensive research for years that is where he decided to propose so that Asheville would always be a special place for us to visit. The location of this trip was a surprise, as well as all of the activities planned. We started our trip on Saturday morning with an unforgettable breakfast at Biscuit Head. This is definitely our new favorite breakfast place and was a great start to the day. After an amazing breakfast where we consumed biscuits the size of our faces, we headed out for a hike. Although we got off to a rough start because of frost on the roads and fog on the Blue Ridge Parkway, we found a trail that was available for hiking that cold November day, and we schlepped to the top of Looking Glass Falls. Once we arrived to the top of the mountain, Ryan decided it was the perfect spot to propose because he could push Morgan off the mountain if she said no. Obviously that didn’t happen.

Special Thanks

Anne Casey Photography
 | Photography