Melissa and Ryan

How We Met: October 13, 2013 Image 1 of Melissa and Ryanwe met in Huntington Beach, CA.We were both out watching football with our friends separately one Sunday afternoon. I walked in to a restaurant and Ryan (my now fiance) kept staring and ended up waving at me!

I immediately thought, wow this cute guy must know my friend. Of course, I recognized him right away because to me, he was so handsome! Once she said no, I don’t know him, he’s waving at you!

I got so nervous we just took our seats right away and just waited for someone to greet us.

In the mean time after getting settled, he came over and started talking to us. I was so giddy, I was single at the time and was not expecting to meet anyone that day.

Of course, the way everyone used to explain to me when I would wish for a boyfriend was “you will find someone when you least expect it”. Well that day they all proved to be right!

We ended up hanging out the rest of the day for several hours with our combined group of friends. We had so much in common and just loved talking and by the end of the day we were sharing photos of our family and close friends and talking about our personal lives.

It was such a special day. Ryan is serving in the Military (which is am SO proud of) has been for almost 15 years, so with his schedule I learned that night we met he was not only just visiting Huntington Beach, he also was currently living in Hawaii and was leaving on an assignment the very next day which was schedule to last about 6-8 weeks with only email as our way of communicating. At first I felt crushed, I thought wow, God finally put this great man in my path and he had to leave on an assignment the day after we met.

I literally felt heartbroken. I thought, how could I meet this perfect man and then just have to say good-bye …or hello to a beautiful beginning since that’s exactly what it was! He had promised me the night we met that we would see each other again. We emailed for months while he was away for work and at one point I thought it was the end. He was afraid to hurt me and put me through the distance because he knew how hard his schedule was and to him I didn’t deserve that (which made me love him more for being so caring and genuine).

After a few more emails, there was no way we could go without seeing each other again someday! :) We managed to make our schedules work to see each other while he was down for the holidays a few months after we met and it was perfect! We had the best week doing several fun dates and even introducing our friends to each other. Since then we have been happier than ever with such a strong foundation we built and a story that is usually only heard in fairy tales. I thank God for allowing us to cross paths and we will always be so grateful.

how they asked: Ryan had beenImage 2 of Melissa and Ryan away for 94 days due to work, on top of this he is living in Hawaii so our life has been long distance since the day we have met.

I am SO proud of what he does for work and I also have been blessed with a job I love in Southern California – Huntington Beach, CA, so we knew things would have to stay that way until our relationship progressed and we were able to finally end up engaged and moving forward part of our morals in how we wanted things to go no matter the distance we knew we could make it work with a little extra effort.

Since then it has been frequent trips for me to Hawaii as well as him coming to visit me in Huntington Beach!

Ryan and I both knew we would get married pretty much since the day we met. We just felt it in our hearts, something we had never experienced and just knew it was right.

He is unique. Ryan is hardworking, caring, fun, humble, loves his family and is a great friend. Not to mention he is so dang handsome to me!! We had so much in common and we hit it off right away.

Well, 1 year and 7 months later, after several months of planning via email (while he was away for an assignment) with both our immediate families who live near and far he was able to pull off the most perfect proposal (to me, it was perfect). We had plans for us to spend some time in La Jolla at our special getaway spot. He had the concierge set everything up at our hotel. A vase full of beautiful long stemmed roses, our favorite wine was delivered, and rose petals all over the place as well as the words being spelled out “Will you marry me”.

For a quick second I thought we were in the wrong place. I stepped back to look at Ryan and he was already on one knee professing his love for me and asking me to marry him! We both shared happy tears and hugged over and over! Once I finally looked up again the concierge was there recording and the bell men was taking photos! After sharing with our family over the phone (they played it all off as if they didn’t know a thing) he had mentioned we would go to dinner at Eddie V’s down the street from where we were.

Image 3 of Melissa and Ryan

Once we got there we were told we would be eating in a different area and to my surprise our WHOLE immediate families on both sides were there to greet us (this hadn’t happened for years with everyone’s schedules so it was extra special)! Ryan had set up the most thoughtful dinner in a private room with our own cute little menu with our names on it. It was so perfect we will never get over it. Not only Ryan and I are still ecstatic but so are all of our Parents, brothers and sisters which means the world to us. We feel so blessed and can’t wait for all that’s to come. God is SO good.

Image 4 of Melissa and Ryan