Ryan and Lizzie's Marriage Proposal in Steamboat Springs


How we met

We met at a wedding in Alabama back in 2011. He was the best man and she was a friend of the bride. It wasn’t until the party after the reception that he saw her from across the room and said to himself “I need to speak to her!” After spending a few minutes talking about their favorite movies (of which they had opposite tastes) and his love of snow sports (she is not a fan) they decided there was more there, they just needed to find it. With him living in Florida and her in Washington, DC a series of trips were made in which the bond grew stronger and he eventually declared his intention of moving to DC so he could be with her!


how they asked

Ryan and Lizzie were engaged about 22 months after met. Ryan spent considerable time designing a custom ring (Thanks Mociun!) and traveling to New York City to make sure it was perfect. Ryan wanted to pick a beautiful place for the proposal and had missed an opportunity earlier in 2013 while visiting Big Sur. The next trip for the happy couple was to Colorado which had a special place in Ryan’s heart as that was his favorite state for riding his snowboard in the winter. This trip would be during the summer to visit some friends and explore what the state had to offer when it was not covered with snow. Ryan knew Colorado would be the perfect place for the proposal, but the logistics were very challenging as he had no idea of where to “pop the question”. After some research he decided that Mt. Werner at top of the Steamboat gondola would get the epic backdrop for which he was looking. After making some calls he was able to find a great photographer (Thanks Cali!) who would be there to gets pictures of the surprise as it unfolded.

The day of found Ryan to be very preoccupied with obscure details (Lizzie was puzzled by this at the time) as he wanted everything to be perfect without ruining the the surprise. After making plans with Cali, Lizzie wanted to first visit a water fall which Ryan hadn’t had on the agenda, but was able to fit in the schedule. The same day USA Pro Challenge closed all the main streets in Steamboat, which put the planned meetup time with the photographer in jeopardy. In the end, Lizzie and Ryan made it and were only about 15 minutes late. After riding the gondola up, Cali on cue begin to photograph (she knew what I was wearing) us as I walked towards the spot they agreed on. Lizzie being the keen observer, went up to Cali and made sure they would not impose on her pictures, to which Cali replied “No problem, I’m just taking pictures of the Mountain”. After talking about how this was such a beautiful place and how Ryan wanted it to mean something to them (Lizzie thought Ryan was going to ask if they could move to Colorado) Ryan dropped to one knee and asked Lizzie to marry him! After taking gorgeous pictures all over the resort, the newly engaged couple were treated to a mini bottle of champagne at the mountain base.










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