Ryan and Krista

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How We Met

Krista and I met in August of 2013 on a blind date set up by a mutual friend. Krista was just getting out of a relationship and I was a Senior at the University of Alabama, so to say timing wasn’t the greatest may be an understatement. Our mutual friend and I met Krista and one of her friends to pick her up at her house, then went to eat, before stopping back up at her house so she could change clothes to go bowling. THIS is when the magic first started. When we got back to Krista’s house, we learned that all the doors had been locked and we were without a key. This is when Krista’s creative instinct kicked in (literally), as she decided to try to force one of the doors open by pushing/shouldering/kneeing it with her entire body weight. You might ask at this point why wasn’t I the gentleman in the situation and take the matter into my own hands, but oh no, life came at me pretty fast in this moment. About the second attempt of shoving the door open, I KID YOU NOT, Krista’s knee went THROUGH a glass pane at the bottom of the door. Blood immediately started gushing followed by a frantic race to the emergency room. The picture below you can see where her leg is wrapped after receiving 7 stitches. In conclusion, she really made a good first “impression”. Fortunately, and I genuinely mean that, it wasn’t a fairytale ending after that. Remember the whole timing thing I mentioned above? Yeah… Krista knew she wasn’t ready to commit to anything serious, and although I found her to be highly attractive, I knew myself I wasn’t ready for it either. For the next 3 years, we both kept in touch with each other, both knowing there was potential there, but never really feeling the “butterflies”.

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Our friendship during those 3 years consisted of 3 real life dates, numerous Snapchat streaks over 50 days long, a couple handwritten mailed letters, lots of several hour phone calls, and congratulations or best wishes on each of our life events. She would congratulate me for graduating college, I would wish her happy birthday, she would wish me good luck on surgery, I would help her write essays, we would both send each other Valentine’s gifts, but we both never seriously pursued each other. I do have to admit I more actively pursued her, but there was a time or two she made a little effort. The last 3 months before we dated (around 3 years from our first date), we slowly started seeing more compatibility. We knew the 3 hour phone calls had to mean something before, but we both were going through new phases in our lives. She was finally graduating college and moving into a new house and I was about to be moving to a city closer to where she lived. I invited her to Las Vegas for her graduation celebration, where we had a great time, but it was two weeks after, a night after some good ole Mexican food, that I worked up enough courage to go in for a confident kiss (the first real kiss in the 3 years being friends) in the backseat of my friends jeep, and the rest was history. I asked her out that night and from that day on, we both have been obsessively, and I mean obsessively in love with each other.

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how they asked

As soon as Krista and I kissed in the backseat of that jeep on Dec 26th 2016, we both knew were spending forever together. Seriously. But we both wanted to soak it all in and enjoy the dating life before talking engagement….like 3 weeks. We went to a Jared’s 3 weeks after we officially started dating. The sales guy asked us “How long have ya’ll been dating.” Which I immediately responded, “Over 3 years.” His response was “Oh, thank God. There’s people in here that come in here wanting to get married after only dating a few weeks.” But the truth is, we had been dating for years, just not with the label. I wanted to make the proposal something memorable. I asked her father for his blessing, which was a very cool and easy conversation for the both of us. Krista being the perfectionist she is, I knew that I needed her own insight on the type of ring she wanted, so her and her mother made several trips to some local jewelers.

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Krista found the exact setting she wanted, which made my job easy! Her mother and I (without Krista knowing obviously), picked out the stone! All that was left was me figuring out when, where, and how! Her brother being one of the most talented photographers in the South made things a lot more easy. Seriously, just look at the pics. He and I both discussed different location options, but I just kept going back to the same spot. My parents backyard! The place where all my childhood thoughts and dreams of being married and having a pretty woman all started! I remember so many days of rolling hot wheels around in the dirt while playing the male version of “House”. So I knew it was going to be at my house. I knew my backyard. I knew her brother was going to photograph. I knew our parents would be there. But what would make it memorable?

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Thanks to Pinterest and me being an awful boyfriend and missing the 4th of July with her, I decided that white grocery bags, battery powered tea lights, a made from scratch gazebo (with a little help from my best friend), and some fireworks (also a little help from the same best friend- he set them off) would do the trick. Oh, and a 4 minute slideshow video that she would watch while coming down the driveway. So the moment finally arrived (not before a flash food and a brief power outage just 3 hours before the time I was to propose)…timeout, side note. If any of you reading this plan to propose outside, don’t even worry about checking the weather. It was almost the death of me checking updates on potential rain and such, even more than a week out from the date. But the rain stopped and the power came back on at my house. My parents and I went to eat supper with her and her parents in my hometown, all while my sister was back at the house setting the bags in the proper positions, my best friend getting prepared to light fireworks (out in the cornfield with mosquitos and all kinds of wild creatures), and her brother determining where and when he needs to be for the perfect shots.

I knew that I had to start the video slideshow at the red light (only red light) in my hometown. Had to be going down my driveway at 8:10pm (photography reasons). Had to remember to slide on my white sports jacket (that had the ring in it), had to not pass out of anxiety walking her down the pathway to the gazebo, had to forget that ALL of our parents were watching from the back porch, had to not look out behind the pond and see my best friend smoking a cigar waiting to light the fireworks, had to remember to ask Krista to marry me, had to remember to do the hug-kiss-hug plan I mentioned to Krista a few weeks before (so my best friend could light the fireworks at the right time). So I will stop now and let the pictures do the talking.

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She said Yes, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. I love you Krista Day Marie Legg. Note: I would like this published to show people to not give up on something that you want. There may not be sparks at first. There may be times you feel friend zoned. There may be times you both see other people. There may be times you question God’s plan. But there could be a time when you fall in love with your best friend and the feelings you have for that person make it more than worth the wait. *Shoutout to my mom, stepdad, sister, brother-in-law, and her mom and dad for making this happen. I couldn’t have pulled it off without each of you.

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Special Thanks

Jesse Legg
 | Photographer