Kelly and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan was a young bachelor just out of the Army, living life as a college student in South Philly. Kelly, a hard working mother of one living in her hometown of Bristol. Upon a mutual friend inviting a group of people out for drinks at a beer garden in the city, Kelly and Ryan were both destined to go. Upon the large group that planned to go, only 4 actually showed up. Kelly and Ryan were among them. After laughing, joking, and drinking the night away, the group ended up back at Ryans South Philly home. After Ryan offered to cook Kelly a late night pasta dish, she soon learned where her heart belonged. It wasn’t until the next day that Kelly hinted to their mutual friend she had some interest in Ryan. After Ryan discovered this, the texts started to begin. Before long, it was time for their next Rendezvous together. The dates continued, Monday nights out on the town to Saturday nights watching Homeland season one…the rest was history.

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how they asked

It was our very last night at our favorite summer spot in Wildwood New Jersey. Earlier in the day Ryan asked me if I wanted to take a boat ride to watch the sunset at Sunset Bay then head to dinner by boat at Beach Creek. As we anchored the boat Chase asked if I could grab him something from the cabin. As I entered the cabin they locked me in! I started yelling “It’s hot, I’m claustrophobic, let me out!!” Ryan whispered to me “He wants to play a joke on you just go with it…” so I waited patiently. Little did I know they were setting up the proposal. Within a few seconds I heard Ed Sheeran start playing and Chase’s little hand reach down to escort me out of the boat cabin. As I stepped out I noticed the rose petals, lights, and champagne. I looked across the bay to see a big banner that both of our families were holding up that read ” Kelly, Will you marry me?”

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Before I knew it Ryan was on his knee. He proposed to me with two rings, my beautiful engagement ring and also a 50 cent machine ring Chase gave to him over three years ago, “to give to his mommy so we could be married”.

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The evening ended in a celebration. I had no clue but Ryan had set up both our families and friends to join us back to the Mali Kai deck. I was surprised to see everyone there, even a DJ, and food catered by our favorite local spot, Russos. It couldn’t have been any more perfect.

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