Jordan and Ryan

how we met

It was June 2016, and Jordan had just moved home from college when the first snap came in. Ryan had just gotten out of the Marines and was reconnecting with old friends. They had first met working together years ago at Moe’s. Thinking nothing of the conversations leading up to them seeing each other for the first time in four years, the two began to reconnect. On June eighth, they planned to meet for a friendly dinner and catch up. The two thought nothing of it, as they had always just been friends. Things couldn’t have turned out more differently. From the first date, they knew this was different; there was no going back to being just friends. What started as a casual meal at 7 Tequilas (their now favorite Mexican restaurant), their relationship transformed through endless days of getting to know each other and became the start of an incredible future together.

how they asked

While deployed, Ryan realized that he could not imagine life without Jordan and began planning the proposal. He started by reaching out to some of Jordan’s close friends and seeing what weekend they would be free over the summer. The plan was set for Labor Day Weekend at a lake cabin near Blue Ridge, GA. Many of their closest friends arrived at the cabin Friday night excited with anticipation for Saturday’s proposal. Saturday evening rolled around, and Ryan brought Jordan down to the dock. He then got down on one knee and asked Jordan to spend of her life with him. The rest of the night was spent celebrating the newly engaged couple.

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