Jenna and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I first met and started our relationship as a long distance couple. After a serendipitous moment in passing, our connection could not be lost. From our very first together, he took my hand and we both knew that this was the real kind of love. We dated long distance for 6 months and visited each other in different parts of the northwest as well as San Diego where his family lives. He then moved to my town and it felt like a natural progression to be with each other each day.

how they asked

We had Christmas morning with my family where he secretly received my dad and brothers’ blessings. We then flew to San Diego to his incredible family for the remainder of the holidays.

On the 27th, we dressed up for dinner but we first wanted to visit the Maritime Museum of San Diego. With the holiday lights strung on the mast and bows, he told me how much he loved me. He got down on one knee as we were looking out on to the bay from the Star of India. He retrieved a handcrafted wooden box and asked me to spend our forever together.

I’m so grateful for serendipitous moments and meeting my perfect man who took my hand and never let it go.

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