Ryan and Icela

How We Met

Icela and my story started via LinkedIn and a single message. Icela had just graduated and was reaching out to people working in her field of interest. After some back and forth messaging, I offered to meet her in person for coffee. Coffee turned into dinner and what started to feel like a date. Our conversation was so interesting that by the time we noticed, neither of us had eaten and the restaurant was already cleaning up to close. Afterward, I walked Icela home and asked her if she would be interested in meeting up again. Next morning, I texted her saying “is it crazy that I am still thinking about you?”; Icela laughed and realized she was totally interested in meeting again. we met that night, the day after and every weekend afterward until Icela moved to Panama and we started our long distance relationship. This was the beginning of our story, and we have continued writing the next chapters and will continue for the rest of our lives together.

How They Asked

I spoke with Icela’s Parents on June 22nd of 2018, our anniversary, and asked for her hand in marriage and that I would purpose to her in December 2018 as I was planning to spend the holiday with her and her family. During that time I spoke with friends and began planning my long distance proposal!

Mow my proposal started was on Christmas Eve, I gave her a card and told her as her gift I planned an evening of dancing, and a show. The only thing I told her was she had to wear an eye mask so she can be surprised. On the 26th we both got dressed and waited outside for an Uber.

At this time Icela was already blind folder and I actually had two of her friends pick us up and pretend to be an Uber. Once we got to our destination I began walking her to an elevator. I said to Icela, I am leaving you with one of the dance instructors and they will take you downstairs in a couple of minutes.

I went downstairs and had a friend of ours who is a party planner set up an area with a rose petal path and candles. I stood at the end of the path with my ukulele. One I saw Icela and she was taking the blindfold off I began to sing the Book of Love by Peter Gabriel. Icela still had no Idea what was going on. Once I finished singing I got down on one knee and in Spanish, I said, “Icela Marie Diaz Arce, marry me and make me the happiest man in the world”. Icela started crying and laughing and said of course.

The night wasn’t over yet as 30 minutes later I surprised her with our engagement party. All her friends and family came into a room I got and we all celebrated the special night together. It was one of the best days of both of our lives.