Ryan and Heather

Where to Propose in Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia

How They Asked

My mom was in town for four days in Nov 2018. Ryan was pretty adamant about wanting to go hiking or do something outdoors, even though it was supposed to rain the majority of the time. Friday, Nov 9, 2018, we woke up, and I made breakfast. We decided to go spend the day in Atlanta. On the way, we had to stop at the tax office and file the homestead exemption paperwork for the house we just purchased. The tax officer asked, “Are you married, divorced, or never married?” I replied “Never married” and glanced at Ryan, who had a huge smirk on his face, and he replied “You’re going to have to wait at least ten years” (little did I know my engagement ring was in his pocket!) I signed the paperwork, and we headed to Atlanta. Our first stop was Revolution Doughnuts. While we were sitting there, we were figuring what to do next. Ryan said “I want to go hiking” and I looked out the window and said, “It’s pouring”. We decided to continue the drive to downtown and stop and grab lunch at Tin Lizzy’s, near Piedmont Park. When we finished lunch, it stopped raining. So Ryan said, “Let’s go walk around Piedmont Park”. We arrive at Piedmont Park and began walking around. Ryan is looking around everywhere and is at least 3 steps ahead of my mom and me, which isn’t unusual, he has longer legs. He then says to me, “Let’s take a picture somewhere nice”. I told him that the park has a nice gazebo with a bridge that overlooks a small creek, so we headed there. As soon as we got to the gazebo, he said: “Let’s take a picture”. I took my jacket off, handed my phone to my mom, and we did our “go to” pose. Ryan then said, “We always do the same pose”. I said, “Well what pose do you want to do” and we kinda just stood for a few seconds, and I said “Prom pose?” We did the prom pose. Ryan then handed my mom his phone, which he switched from picture mode to video mode and said: “Let’s take one on mine”. Which turned into Ryan getting down on one knee and asking me to be his wife. I definitely ugly cried and continue to cry every time I re-watch our proposal video.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia