Ryan and Hannah

How We Met

It was the beginning of my junior year and Ryan’s senior year of high school. We were taking a public speaking class together and had no idea who each other were. We sat across the room from each other and halfway through class, our professor used the two of us as an example in an analogy he was making. Of course, this made us look at each other, blush a little, but I think we both tried to play it cool. As the semester went on and with mutual friends, we finally ended up sitting next to each other in class, getting to know each other more and the rest is history.

how they asked

To start, I had NO idea this was going to happen. As far as I knew, Ryan was hanging out with a group of friends at Iowa State that night (where he goes to school) and I was going to meet his mom and a family friend for dinner in Minneapolis. We had been planning the dinner for about a month and dressed up nice for a girl’s night. This was their sneaky way of getting me to the proposal site.

When we got there, they mentioned that our reservation had been delayed, so to kill time we took some photos (obviously…cause it was girl’s night ;)). Still having heard nothing from the restaurant, Kelly, the family friend, asked if either of us had been up to the top of the IDS Tower before.

Upon responding that both of us had not, we took an empty elevator up to the 50th floor of the building which led us into what is considered Windows On Minnesota. It was so beautiful, with the panoramic view of Minneapolis. Every building was lit up and the sky was a deep blue with the sun just setting. After going in and out of a couple rooms and admiring the spectacular view, Ryan’s mom suggested that we check out a room at the end of the hall. She muttered “I wonder if this door is open.”

After a little (intentional) difficulty, the door opened and there was a photographer taking photos. My first reaction was to leave because I assumed that there was a photo shoot happening or that someone else was being proposed to. It never occurred to me that this was all for me. After a light nudge into the room, I looked to my left and found Ryan standing amongst candlelight and rose pedals scattered around the floor.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Windows on Minnesota, Marquette Hotel.

It was so beautiful and he looked so handsome in his dapper black suit. It all felt like a dream and complete shock sunk in. I couldn’t believe that he was here and that this was actually happening. I felt like I couldn’t see or hear a thing. I have honestly never been so in shock in my entire life.

Hannah's Proposal in Windows on Minnesota, Marquette Hotel.

I eventually realized what was happening and responded to Ryan’s sweet coaxing to walk towards him as he mentioned, “I have an important question to ask you.” I did and shortly after, he dropped down to one knee and asked me to marry him. Before I could say yes, I motioned him up for a hug, where I told him the easiest and most effortless “yes” I have ever said.

Special Thanks

Janelle Sutton