Ryan and Haley

How We Met

Haley and I met while we were working as clerks at the Iowa State Capitol. We got to know each other through dinners and happy hours with coworkers, and eventually, I asked Haley out for a first date on Valentine’s Day(a cliche joke). I cooked her dinner, and we spent the evening watching the newly-released House of Cards Season 2. (Though they promised they’d watch the first episode together, Haley watched ahead.

Ryan's Proposal in Des Moines, IA

She wouldn’t own up to it until months later). They had a great first date (even though I was nervous and spilled red wine all over the furniture), but ultimately we agreed that it wasn’t the right time to start a new relationship. However, we continued to spend time together over the next several months and eventually realized we didn’t want to be without each other. We became an official couple in June of 2014.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Des Moines, IA

how they asked

After I found the perfect ring for her, I went on to ask the blessings of her parents and start planning the special day. The perfect opportunity hit when I was speaking with Haley’s step-mom, Maggie. She told us we will be doing family pictures for a holiday card. Since Haley and I met at the Iowa Capitol I knew I wanted to ask her in front of the building. Her step-mom began the day taking pictures of all the family, but then asked for pictures of Haley and me. After a few pictures, I got down on one knee and that is when I officially asked Haley to marry me and be my ‘soup snake’ (The Office reference, inside joke) for the rest of my life.

It wasn’t until later that night that we discovered our shadows from holding hands made a heart. I happily shared the post on Reddit and we quickly became the #1 trending topic. Messages filled our inboxes from all over the world wishing luck and loving the photo. We had reporters from Yahoo, the Des Moines Register, KCCI News Station, Love What Matters, and plenty more reach out to us to hear our story. It was incredibly surreal and we were so happy to share our moment with the world.

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