Ryan and David

How We Met

High school brought David and me together! I seriously chuckle to myself every time I say that because it is just so crazy to me. We were freshmen when we met in the choir. I had always loved to sing throughout my childhood, so the choir was obviously my elective of choice. David joined because our choir was taking a 2 week trip to Italy (specifically Rome and the Amalfi Coast) that year and an elective was mandatory anyway. We had mutual friends so we were always hanging out with each other, especially on our trip. David remembers especially there being a day on our trip when we were on a boat coming from Capri. We were on the top deck of the boat and David decided to put his arm around me when it started to rain. He swears that at that moment he knew I was the one.

But we were 14 and young. We both never admitted to each other that we had feelings for one another. That whole next year we became the best of friends. We both dated different people, but our friendship was unbreakable. We would spend hours on the phone, each lunch together every day, and had the coolest handshake. It wasn’t until the end of my sophomore year that I started to realize my relationship with David was more than a friendship.

One Sunday, David came with me and my family to a carnival at my grade school and afterward we all went to get tacos at our favorite spot! My four sisters spent the whole time nagging David about when he was going to ask me out. So much so that on a paper napkin they wrote “David and Ryan: Facebook official! YES, or NO” and handed it to David to check off (Facebook was really poppin’ apparently). He just giggled, but I kept the napkin. The very next day at school, as young kids do, David officially asked me to be his girlfriend in between the 300 and 400 wings of our alma mater.

Ryan's Proposal in Doheny State Beach

We started dating on May 21, 2012, and man time has flown by! Seven years together and still every day he surprises me. Our life has been filled with so many blessings. We stayed together all through high school and college although it wasn’t easy! We promised each other to grow together and not apart. After David graduated from Chapman and me from Cal Poly Pomona, we spent six weeks with our closest friends in Europe. On our trip we revisited Rome and it brought back so many old memories. We have been graduated for a year now and I am so excited for this next stage of life together.

Ryan and David's Engagement in Doheny State Beach

How They Asked

One random Tuesday in March of this year, my cousin and bestie, Mckenna, texted our group chat that we all shockingly had a Saturday off together. My friends (aka my sister Jordyn and two cousins, Mckenna and Keith) and I all work for my parents’ restaurant, so a Saturday where we ALL have the day off was to be taken advantage of. My mom planned a family crab boil for that night, so we decided we would enjoy our day off and go to happy hour nearby in Dana Point. Little did I know that something greater was in store.

By this point in our relationship, I was pretty nosey about our impending engagement. Since we have been together since high school I was always the type of person to say “If I know he’s the one, what’s the rush”. As soon as we graduated and returned home from our Europe, a switch in my brain quickly flipped. It was no longer “what’s the rush” and suddenly turned to “what’s the wait”! I always had tons of questions and constantly needed to be reassured that although I didn’t know when it was going to happen, I at least knew a proposal would eventually happen. I was even so pushy that I cracked jokes constantly. Earlier that week when we were eating Chinese food with his parents, I got a fortune cookie that read “This week all your dreams will come true”. I shook around my left hand, laughing and pointing at my ring finger. He just laughed at me and tried to keep his cool about the coincidence of the fortune. I always told him that summer would be my preferred wedding season and that I would need a lot of time to plan. SO I thought I had it figured out that he would propose in the summer. Obviously, he had other plans.

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Fast forward to our Saturday day off, March 30, 2019. Jordyn and I were getting ready at our apartment to go down to Dana Point. Mckenna and David were both there as well since we decided it would be better to carpool. The plan was to have cocktails and appetizers down at a local favorite restaurant in the harbor. It was perfect because Mckenna even had a gift card from a raffle her mom won. The day was beautiful. Dana Point is my home town and one of my favorite places to be. It was cool, sunny and overall just a fun day together with friends. We met Keith at the restaurant and all cheers’ed our margaritas to our day together.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Doheny State Beach

After we finished eating (around 3), Jordyn pointed out that we still had a few hours left until my parent’s crab boil. We all threw around suggestions and decided to go down to the beach. The walk was long and David had made a few comments about how he had to go pee (he has THE SMALLEST bladder). After a while, he decided that he couldn’t hold it any longer, and he ran ahead since we were close to the restrooms by the beach. Once we lost sight of him, we got to the pathway that leads to the sand. As I turned the corner, I noticed a sign on the floor surrounded by flower petals. It was right off of the main street so I thought it was for a memorial and didn’t pay it any attention. When I strolled passed the sign saying out loud “that’s sad”, Jordyn gave me the most confused look. She immediately responded, “Did you even read it?!?”. Confused I went back to the sign on the floor and read “Ryan, the fortune cookie said all our dreams will come true. Love, David”. I immediately screamed that they must be kidding, but Jordyn just kindly nudged me along and told me to keep walking. And that’s when it all clicked.

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I immediately started sobbing as I knew I was finally get proposed to. But where was my soon to be fiancé? I started scanning my line of vision for my sweet Davey, but what I saw was much better. About 10 yards in front of me were David’s three siblings and their spouses and kids. Each family member was holding a rose and at this point, I was weeping. I could barely keep it together and they all just hugged me, congratulated me, gave me my flowers, and told me to keep going forward. Another 10 yards away were my four sisters, all with roses and all crying. That moment was seriously so special. They fixed my hair, wiped my tears, took my purse and made sure I was ready. I took my roses and moved down the beach.

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Every 10 yards was another group of people that mean so much to David and me. At this point, I was running from group to group. Next were my three grandparents. Then his grandparents. Then his parents. Then my parents. I got to run to each of our loved ones and hug, kiss and laugh with them in this special moment. After I hugged my mom and dad, they pointed me onward. Lastly, way down on the beach, was my David. He was surrounded by rose petals and grinning ear to ear. I just couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe he surprised me and after all these years we were finally living in THIS moment. He couldn’t wait any longer to get down on one knee and ask me to marry him. I barely even let him finish his sentence before I was nodding yes! Truly the best feeling ever!

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Our whole family watched from a distance and rushed to us once it was official! We celebrated, toasted champagne, and I showed off my stunning ring! Then the truth unraveled. There was actually no crab boil! There was no gift card from Mckenna’s mom! Our work schedules didn’t just happen to align! He didn’t even have to pee! David carefully orchestrated a very casual day (but very US day) so that I wouldn’t suspect a proposal. Instead of the planned family dinner, we told everyone to go to David’s parent’s house for an impromptu engagement party! Tacos, margarita machines, churros and ALL of our crazy huge family and friends were there. What a celebration! My sisters even prepared and brought me an adorable white dress to slip into for the party. David truly thought of everything! It was genuinely the best day of my life and I could not be more excited for our future!

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