Ryan and Daniela

Ryan and Daniela's Engagement in At a Restaurant Forno Bravo in Dominican Republic

How We Met

Daniela and I met in a park where I used to live and so did her grandfather we were 12 years old at the time and became good friends. She and her family used to visit every Saturday along with her cousins and played all afternoon and night at the park I tagged along at times. We went to the same college for different careers and kind of lost contact along the way even though we still saw each other every now and then, in 2015 I moved to NYC and that December I saw an IG post from her and decided to reach DM her to see what she was up to and from there on we have never stopped talking ever since that day. I went back to the Dominican Republic to visit my family as an excuse to see her and later she came to NYC I was her tour guide.

How They Asked

When the moment came for me to propose I took into consideration all the details like what date she used to go to the hair salon, when would she do her nails, etc. I reached out to her best friends for help setting everything up but one day she had my phone in her hands and saw a message from one of her best friends asking about a date immediately I knew I had to make a change because she would figure out when I was going to propose. While watching an NFL game I got inspired by a play in a Steelers vs Browns game about doing a “fake proposal” so I coordinated with a videographer to set up in the restaurant and found 2 actors to do the proposal, the whole point was to confuse and create drama among the people in the restaurant.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At a Restaurant Forno Bravo in Dominican Republic

Because she was also expecting it to be on a date because of the message it has to be very random at a moment she wouldn’t even expect it, so I decided it had to be in the afternoon because we have lunch together at times, if done during the weekend or at any moment during the weekday at night it would have been obvious for her, I think she was trained by the FBI or CIA. So what better place than where we would go for lunch from time to time.

Ryan's Proposal in At a Restaurant Forno Bravo in Dominican Republic

I reached out to her boss so he would create a fake meeting with some Sr. VP of her workplace so I knew she would dress glam “she always does” but a little more, it was a Tuesday so I knew she would go to the hair salon early in the morning. I created a group with her friends involved so we would communicate every move and see the idea.

we went for lunch Tuesday, December 17th and I told the actor weeks before the idea and the whole script and also indicated when to start the drama, she really believed the whole thing until the actress said no to the actor, so the actor came up to me with the flowers and the actress with a menu that had a message for her and that when I popped the question it was supposed to be in Spanish but I was so nervous I forgot and asked her to marry me in English. It took her a few seconds to soak in but she did say yes!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Denio Vid
 | Videographer
Nayyara Peña
 | Preparations, Flowers and Menu Message
Blue Nile
 | Ring