Ryan and Brandon

how we met

Brandon and I met the way a lot of people do now a days. Online. But I knew there was something different about him just from our conversations. I was excited to see that he had responded and genuinely enjoyed our conversations.

Our first date was dinner and a movie, original I know. When I picked him up outside of the store at the mall, I couldn’t stop looking at his smile, something I still can’t stop doing to this day. We spent three hours at the restaurant just talking and laughing and I knew in that moment I found someone special.

He will tell you, with pride might I add, that he asked me on a date first, which is true. However, I beat him to the punch and asked him to be my boyfriend first!

how they asked

Brandon has always loved the beach, it’s his self-described “happy place”. So I knew that’s where I needed to ask him to marry me. I started preparations weeks in advance planing for my brother to hide the bottle with the proposal letter in it, and my friend to be there to take pictures. I knew driving there that this was going to be a tear filled morning, and boy was I right. As he read the letter and tears filled his eyes, I couldn’t help but tear up as well. He later told me he couldn’t read the letter anyways because he was so happy. When I dropped down on one knee and asked the man I love to marry me, all I could see was his beautiful smile as he responded yes.

It truly was the best day of my life… so far.

Special Thanks

Laurie Jean Photography
 | Photography