Ashley and Ryan

How We Met

Ryan and I met in high school, I was in grade 11 and he was in grade 12. The first time we ever were introduced was at a friends birthday dinner, not many words were exchanged but there were definitely some laughs and stolen glances. The first time we ever really talked (and what I consider to be our first meeting) was at a friends party. Ryan was sober and I was drinking. Of course with some liquid courage I went over and started a conversation. We left the party to go for a walk and sit in his car, we spent the whole night talking, laughing and sharing stories. He laughed at everything I said, I felt like the funniest person in the whole world. He was so sweet, we had completely hit it off. I knew from that night we were something special.


how they asked

My favorite story to tell. I had gone away for the weekend on a shopping bus trip to the States. I was returning home on Sunday evening, and the plan was for the two of us to go away for the night to celebrate our 6 year anniversary on the Monday. Ryan told me he had a whole plan for the night and wouldn’t tell me anything! I had told Ryan was time my bus was going to arrive back home, and to meet me so we could start our night right away. When I got off the bus, he was no where in sight. I remember coming off the bus and everyone that I was with looking and acting weird… I thought absolutely nothing of it. I went around to the other side of the bus where I saw one of our good friends standing there with a sign that said “Ashley Moriarty”. I walked up to him and he handed me an envelope with strict instructions that I had to complete a scavenger hunt to find out where our trip was to (I immediately thought it was to Disney World….haha).


Ryan had sneakily taken my car and dropped it off for me as well. The scavenger hunt led me to important spots in our relationship, our first date, where our prom pictures were taken, etc. At each stop one of our best friends was there giving me the next clue. Every time I saw a new friend I had started balling, I still had no idea what was going on but I knew it was something special. The very last clue led to my house, the second I pulled onto my street I knew. I was such a mess I parked right in the middle of the street!

There was a sign that told me to go to the backyard. My backyard was decorated so beautifully, the waterfall was on, candles were lit, and our song was playing in the background. Ryan greeted me by saying “hey pretty girl”, I walked up to him and I could see the tears in his eyes. He began to explain how much he loved me, and all the amazing things he wanted for our relationship. He then told me that the trip we were going on was not for one night, but for a lifetime. He began to reach for the ring..I said yes before he even asked me to marry him! I don’t think I’ve ever smiled as big as I did when he asked me.

We shared our moment, and then from inside my house all of our close friends and family came out with champagne! It was such a beautiful moment, I got to share the most amazing moment of my life with everyone I loved. I could not stop smiling and crying the entire night. It was the perfect proposal and the most wonderful night. I am so completely in love with Ryan and I can’t wait to begin this chapter of our lives.



Special Thanks

Olivia Trivelli