Ryan and Ashley

How We Met

We met in high school, I was in grade 11 and he was in grade 12. The first time we really met each other was at a friends birthday dinner, but we didn’t have much of a conversation just some laughs and “hello’s”, but I definitely thought he was cute. What I consider to be our first real encounter was at a party, I was drinking and Ryan was driving. Neither of us knew the other was going to be there, and we were both very excited to see each other. We spent the entire night just talking and laughing and telling stories, we completely hit it off. I knew right from that night that we were something special.



how they asked

My favorite story to tell! I left for the weekend to go on a shopping bus trip to the states, and I was expecting to come home Sunday night and Ryan and I were going to go away for the night to celebrate our 6 year anniversary on Monday. He told me he had something planned for us and I was not allowed to know any details! Ryan was supposed to meet me right as I got off the bus and we were supposed to leave. But when I got off the bus he was nowhere in sight, and I remember my mom and friends acting so weird.. but I of course thought nothing of it. When I walked around to the back of the bus one of mine and Ryan’s good friends was standing there with a sign that said “Ashley Moriarty”. I walked up to him and he handed me an envelope.The envelope had strict instructions that I needed to do a scavenger hunt in order to find out where our trip was going to be too(I immediately thought we were going to Disney World…haha). The scavenger hunt led me to important parts of our relationship, our first date, where our prom pictures were taken, etc. At each stop there was one of our close friends handing me the next envelope. The very last clue led to my house….the second I pulled up to my house I knew. I was such a mess I parked right in the middle of the road! There was a sign saying I had to go to the backyard. My backyard was decorated so beautifully, the waterfall was on, candles everywhere and one of our songs was playing in the background. He greeted me by saying “hey pretty girl” and started to say some of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. He proceeded to tell me that our trip was not for one night…but for the rest of our lives. He started to reach for the ring, I said yes before he even asked me to marry him! After we had our moment, our close friends and family all came out from inside the house with champagne. It was such a wonderful moment, and I am so glad we had all of them to share it with.


Special Thanks

Olivia Trivelli