Annie and Ryan

how we met

We met during a summer holiday, both with a group of our friends. This meant that from the second we met we had sun kissed faces, messy, salty hair and earthy feet – this set the tone of our future perfectly. However we then had to fly home and found ourselves 200 miles apart.
Due to being in a long distance relationship for 2 years, living between 192 and 3,281 miles apart, simply being next to each other has always been magic to us. We also really love the world. We love to camp, hike, hold hands on mountain tops or kiss on surfboards and snowboards.

how they asked

On a mountain top! We had planned to climb Mount Snowdon for weeks and Ryan refused to question our plan when a weather warning was issued. This resulted in a very snowy mountain top. It was and it wasn’t a surprise. We had spent hours searching for a floral ring together and spoke about it daily. I woke up each morning hoping it would be the day that I became his fiancé. When we reached the summit of the mountain there was the breath taking view, a handful of people, biting cold winds but no proposal – so I sadly accepted that today would not be the day. However after we had finished our pots of soup and cups of tea, admiring the winter view, I turned to see Ryan on one knee, holding a golden flower ring in a wooden mountain box. So it would always be on a mountain, wherever we were, he told me.

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