Ryan and Anjelica's Action Movie Trailer Surprise Marriage Proposal

How we met: Anjelica and I met in 2008 as classmates our junior year of high school. We were just friends until the end of our senior year I asked her to go to prom with me and be my girlfriend. It was young love but I fell for her hard. We both went to Western Kentucky University after high school and graduated. After six years of being with Anjelica, I couldn’t wait any longer to ask her to be my wife.

How I asked: After 6 years of being together I knew that I wanted my proposal to be big and memorable. I decided to do my proposal with a movie trailer, and that’s where X-Rea productions helped me out the most. We came up with an action movie trailer that would show me delivering the case with the ring in it to Anjelica, and at the end of the trailer I would walk into the theatre and propose to her. It took a few days of filming, and then following days of editing, and many more days holding in my secret proposal!

We set up a fake movie time for what Anjelica and her family thought was a special movie premiere, so she would dress up. Then before Anjelica and her family arrived I had my own family and friends hidden in the back rows of the theatre. We put a few real movie trailers before mine and our trailer would be the last to play. I don’t think she had any idea it was me until I walked out with my briefcase with the ring in it. I worked really hard with X-Rea productions to put this together and I know she loved the proposal. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this woman.

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Video by X-Rea Productions