Ryan and Amanda

Marriage Proposal Ideas in OMSI portland, OR

So initially Ryan told me that he got reservations at this restaurant that I’ve been wanting to go to for a very long time that is booked six months out through his brother who is in the restaurant business and that he wanted to stop by OMSI (science museum) to watch a showing about astronauts (he’s a huge space nerd). So we showed up at OMSI and he got our tickets, we got our tickets checked off at the door and went into the theater.

We were the only ones in there and I thought that it was suspicious but we sat down, standard announcements were made and the “Astronaut” movie starts playing. After a minute or so the movie shuts down, stars appear and the LaLa Land soundtrack “Planetarium” song starts to play. A little background information, I am obsessed with LaLa Land. We both went to see it together and fell in love with the movie, characters, emotion and story-line and have been obsessing over it ever since.

So he takes me to the center of the Planetarium and then the words “Will you marry me Amanda?” scroll by and of course I said yes!

Then as I was talking to the photographer my friends, my mom and dad popped in to surprise and congratulate us! So after the fact I found out that he has fake tickets printed out, had an employee stationed outside the door to check our tickets, they did all of the regular safety and general information announcements before the show and actually played the show for a few minutes before transitioning to the proposal! Not only playing the LaLa land soundtrack was so meaningful to us but OMSI was also one of the places where we went when we just started out dating. Its one of our favorite Portland pastimes to go visit. Basically everything was perfect.

Proposal Ideas OMSI portland, OR

Where to Propose in OMSI portland, OR

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