Ryan and Allyson

How We Met

Ally and I met at the University of Miami in the most picturesque place on campus…the machine workshop, on the bottom floor of the engineering building. In a manner far from typical meet-cute fashion, I introduced myself to Ally and asked her how to solder a circuit board. The circuit board was part of an individual project we were both working on for a class that was completely irrelevant to our major. Little did I know though, that class would introduce me to everything I’d ever need to succeed in life. Over the next year, Ally and I would casually bump into each other, sharing nothing more than a “hey” and a smile. Finally, in our second year, through the power of “Mechanics of Materials” (also known as CAE211), Ally and I had the chance to see each other on a weekly basis. That semester, as we navigated through our engineering curriculum, we looked to each other for direction. We began to learn from one another.

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The turning point in our relationship occurred at a mutual friend’s party. We spent the evening talking, laughing, and dancing. Towards the end of the night, I took the leap of faith and leaned in for our first kiss. That kiss was the first of many stepping stones that got us to where we are now. We both graduated college with bachelor’s and master’s degrees, started working at competing companies, and eventually moved in together. Since that first kiss, we’ve served as each other’s compass, always pointing each other in the right direction. With her hand in mine, and no fear of ever getting lost, the world became ours to explore.

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how they asked

Ally and I love to travel. After 6 years and a handful of incredible adventures together, I decided that the next vacation we would take would be life-changing. For that next trip, Ally unknowingly suggested a Caribbean cruise out of our hometown of Miami, but I had a slightly more extravagant vision in mind. I offered my suggestion, she immediately agreed, and four months later we were on a plane to Venice, Italy. After having received her dad’s permission, there was only one thing left to do. When we landed in Venice, we headed straight to the port and boarded the MSC Orchestra. Our week-long cruise itinerary included some of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Greece, and Montenegro. On day 2 I told Ally that my aunt in the cruise industry had gotten us an invitation to an exclusive cocktail event that night. She was excited but had no idea what was really about to happen. We got dressed up and made our way to the cocktail lounge at the back of the ship.

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We walked into the room, surrounded by windows on all sides, with panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea. The Italian coastline could be seen in the distance as the sun began to set. The doors to the balcony were open and a light ocean breeze blew into the room. A red carpet lay across the center dance floor, where the ship’s vocalist stood and sang “All of Me” by John Legend. TVs surrounding the room flashed images of us through the years. A professional photographer and videographer began capturing the moment. Ally stood in shock and began to cry. In the center of the room, I gave her my heart and got down on one knee.

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After she said yes, we turned our attention to the TVs to watch ten prerecorded videos of family members congratulating us and extending their love. “Marry Me” by Train played in the background. We ended the evening with a photo shoot at the back of the ship headed towards Greece. As we held each other, the sun kissed the horizon; our greatest adventure had just begun.

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Ryan and Allyson's Engagement in MSC Orchestra- Adriatic Sea