Ruthy and Jordan

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How We Met

Jordan and I met August 2016 at a church conference where I was singing and he was playing acoustic guitar. A couple things make our story interesting; Neither of us were looking to date, We had common friendships that always brought us to the same gatherings but we never noticed each other for about 2 years. For some odd reason I was convinced his name was Michael so I would call him and introduced him as Michael. As I mentioned earlier when I met Jordan I wasn’t interested in dating, befriending possibly but dating him never crossed my mind. After our friendly exchange of words in August we started following each other on Instagram, became friends on Facebook and I invited him to an event I was hosting in November with the intention of befriending him. He came showed support and went on his way. The would receive the occasional “Hey, how are you text” but didn’t think much of it. On December 26th, 2016 he invited me out to a friendly brunch where we got to know each other a little more and by the end of brunch I knew for a fact he was totally into me. We established such a strong friendship that little by little I found myself falling for him. Ultimately it was his patience, persistence, intentionality, kindness, gentleness, honesty and friendship that won me over.

We continued to hang out, grabbed coffee,grabbed a bite to eat , text back and forth,even started an exclusive book club where the only 2 members were him and I lol but we never came out and told each other how and what we felt toward one another. Our last friendly hang out we went to dinner to Mina’s Mediterraneo and I was crazy nervous. I had the strongest feeling that would be the night we would both openly admit how we felt about each other and guess what…. We did! After staring into each others eyes for a whole minute without saying a word (we call it sharing silence) we both expressed how strongly we felt. We admitted to each other just how interested and into each other we were. There was no need to guess anymore! We still hadn’t gone out on an official date where he asked me out, picked me up from my house etc. The following weekend on Sunday, May 1st we went out to dinner, laughed a ton ate the warmest cookies (if your in Miami check out Insomnia cookies-yum) and he gave me the biggest most beautiful bouquet of flowers it was then (after numerous sweet details and multiple gestures during our friendship and first date) that I knew I wanted this man to be mine! So that night right before he dropped me off I asked him to be my boyfriend (YASSSS!) After 8 months of friendship, several hang outs and one official date Jordan was my boyfrannn.

how they asked

On Saturday December 16th my sister and 2 friends Natalie and Maggie had planned a brunch at Mina’s Mediterraneo (the very place Jordan and I confessed how much we liked each other). I hadn’t hung out with these ladies in about 2 months so we were way over do to catch up and to celebrate Maggie and I’s birthday (December babies-woop woop). We all met up at one specific place to head to Minas in one car. Once we were all in the car Kat (my sister) put a blindfold on me and Natalie put a blindfold on Maggies eyes (so I thought) and they both just started hyping us up telling us we were actually doing something else. Maggie and I start guessing different places we think we were being taken to. My sister parks the car, comes around to open the door for me and begins to walk me through a pretty loud place which by the way I’m still guessing out loud where I’m at.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Mina's Mediterraneo

All of a sudden we come to a halt, I hear really loud music and the blindfold is removed. It hadn’t registered that the music I was hearing was actually Jordan and I’s song -Touching Heaven by JohnnySwim ::insert the tears:: At a distance I see my amazing boyfriend waiting for me ::insert more tears::. All I wanted to do was run straight to him and just hug him. Of course I laughed nervously and felt complete bliss as I began to hear the man I so love pour his heart out to me. In that moment I promise I felt it was just the both of us. All of a sudden Jordan starts to get down on one knee, whips out the ring box, opens it and behold there she was a beautiful custom made marquise cut morganite engagement ring.

Ruthy's Proposal in Mina's Mediterraneo

Ruthy and Jordan's Engagement in Mina's Mediterraneo

Where to Propose in Mina's Mediterraneo

I see a crowd of people I love dearly holding different frames with sayings and promises Jordan and I have made to each other .

I’ll be honest I’m not sure if I said yes but I immediately pounced on Jordan and just embraced him. This was our moment, a moment I will never forget.

I cannot wait to be married to this man! Let the wedding planning begin!

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