Ruth and TJ

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My (now fiancé) and I met my first weekend in college and it was love at first sight. When I decided to move to Florida after I graduated , he had to stay in Maryland for an additional 8 months to finish grad school. One morning in December I woke up and when I took my dog out for a walk their was a beautiful note on my door with instructions for my day! I was so confused and shocked and the letter was written on beautiful Parisian styled paper. I had to go get my nails done, buy my favorite Lilly Pulitzer dress, and someone would be picking me up at 5:30…and of course it was my wonderful amazing fiancé. He drove me to a beautiful beach where he brought me my dream proposal by the Eiffel Tower.

He told me “ I know we couldn’t go to Paris, so I wanted to bring Paris to you.”

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