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I was a sophomore in high school when I met Justin. He first met and became good friends with my brother since they were both in the school’s soccer team. One day after school my bother was waiting for my sister and I to get out class so he could give us the car keys to go home since he was going to stay late for practice. My brother happened to be with two of his friends, one of which was Justin. When I saw him waiting with my brother I could not take my eyes off of him… It was love at first sight! (it sounds so silly but that was the day we both had a spark in our hearts!) The rest of the high school years we saw each other a lot and knew of each other through my brother, but never had the luck to take classes together or date. After high school, we just stayed as high school crushes as we parted to different colleges. Although we both stayed in Texas we lost contact and never heard from each other again. After college, I was getting ready to move to Austin to begin my master’s degree and Justin had just join the U.S. Navy; that’s when we got in touch again through Facebook. Over the following two years we became best friends, we would talk about absolutely anything and everything. We talked almost every day and created such a strong bond, he was my best friend and that’s when I fell so much more in love with him.

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Justin and I dated long distance; he was in Hawaii with the U.S. Navy and I was in Seattle, WA. One day at work I happened to check my personal email and I saw a registration email from the Kauai Marathon; this was in April of 2016 and I didn’t think much of it, I thought it was spam for sure so I didn’t even opened it and I deleted it instead. When I got home that day, Justin asked me if I had received an email from them, I was a little confused about his question and then it slowly dawned on me that he had registered me for a Half Marathon in Kauai for September of the same year. We both had talked about how we wanted to do a half and a full marathon sometime in our lives but I thought he had forgotten. He told me he wanted to do this half marathon with me because it was in the island of Kauai and he had been wanting to visit there.

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I was nervous for sure, I really hate running and I wasn’t mentally ready for the required training but I’m not the kind to back off from something so even though he gave me the option to cancel it I said no because that meant a vacation to Kauai!! Time passed by and I trained absolutely nothing for this half marathon! Little did I know he had also planned another surprise that he refused to tell me until we got to Kauai. We got to Kauai and “ran” the half marathon (it was hard and no he didn’t propose there haha). Next day I learned that other surprise was a 16 mile kayaking tour along the Na Pali Coast, it was beautiful tour but also very exhausting. That same night we had to rush to the airport to get back to Oahu, where he lived. Back in Oahu, we woke up and at this point I’m feeling super tired and all I want to do is have a relaxing day. He then asked me if I wanted to go paddle boarding and I agreed even though all I wanted to do was stay in bed all day haha. We drove to this kind of secluded beach area where there was barely any people there. We unloaded the board and started paddling away. We were both on the same board and I was in the front paddling but then he stopped me and said, “Wait, this doesn’t feel right…switch me sides” I didn’t think much of it and I slowly made my way to the back of the board and handed him the paddle. I had his gopro in my hand as we were making our way to farther from the shore, I put it to good use by taking lots of selfies so this got me so distracted to where we were going. He finally decided to stop so I had to suddenly stop my photo session haha! He then said he was going to turn around to face me so he asked me to balance so we don’t flip over. We were both sitting on this paddle board facing each other in the middle of the ocean. He then asked “Are you ready for the next adventure?”, my answer was “yes….” looking down in a very nervous way because I thought he was going to tell me he had booked something else for us to do that day and I was so tired haha! He asked “how ready?” and I said “super ready” and I started looking up at him smiling at my answer.

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That’s when I saw he was holding (very tightly) the most beautiful engagement ring in his fingers and said “Would you marry me for a lifetime adventure?” I was completely in shock and speechless. I started crying and said “YESSSS”. He slowly put the ring on my hand as we managed to get close to each other without flipping over. We continued the rest of the paddle boarding as an engaged couple!

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