Ruth and Dennis

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How We Met

We met in church a few years back! Dennis was really close to my sister as a friend but then as soon as he met me he gained a lot of interest. And from there as we started becoming friends, feelings grew and grew and grew.

Proposal Ideas Seattle, Washington

Ruth's Proposal in Seattle, Washington

how they asked

I was planning to go out with my two best friends and my sister to Jess and Gabriels concert (we’ve been fans of them for a couple years now!) and we were so excited to see them live!

As we were enjoying the concert, near the end of the show Jess and Gabriel were calling out any two best friends from the audience to volunteer to play a competitive question game on stage. They told all the friends to raise their hands and Emily grabs my hand and raises it in the air and starts waving her scarf around. Little did I know, Jess and Gabe were picking us on purpose! So they picked us and called us to come up! As we were going up on stage I got SO nervous because I have a bit of stage fright, but then at end of the game, Gabe was like “wait we have prizes for you guys”! So he picks up a shirt and says “Oh wait we only have one up here, let me go get another one” as he’s giving that shirt to Emily. Then comes back and Dennis is right behind him, holding up a shirt! At first I look straight at the shirt before I even saw Dennis and was like “oh thank you!” Then I look up right after that and I go into complete SHOCK.

I was looking at the love of my life at a concert on stage and at that moment I was so confused how he got in touch with Jess and Gabriel and why he wasn’t at work but then it hit me. He was proposing!!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when he dropped the shirt revealing the ring as he got down on one knee. I couldn’t stop screaming from excitement and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier in my entire life!!!!

As the crowd realized what was going on they started cheering like crazy! My favorite part was the look on his face when he saw me right before he got on his knee. He had the BIGGEST smile on his face. I will never forget it! And I will never forget this moment! IT WAS SO SPECIAL ??? It only hit me a few hours later that I was engaged and by then I was just bawling. I don’t know how to thank God for this human; who is so thoughtful and so loving. I love you Dennis Yudich and cannot wait to BE ONE with you☺️❤️


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