Ruth and Daniel

Ruth's Proposal in Miami, Fl

How We Met

Danny messaged me on Facebook in January 2012. He was the sweetest guy ever and we started to get to know each other more and more as the days passed by. We were supposed to meet in person on February 14th, 2012 but I had to cancel because I was called last minute to babysit for a family. When I got home that night he insisted we meet up at Walgreens for a few minutes. When I arrived at Walgreens Danny got out of his car with flowers, chocolate, and a teddy bear… almost 8 years later, he still continues to spoil me the same way and more.

How They Asked

On 12.31.19 I decorated the house for all our family to come, celebrate New Years, around 8 pm I was told to go buy leche de coco for “coquito”. I was so annoyed because I knew that Publix was going to be full of last-minute shoppers. When I got to Publix it was closed so I had to drive further to Walmart…*more annoyed at this point*…Once I got to Walmart I decided to shop around a bit because I can’t go anywhere just for ONE thing!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Miami, Fl

When I got home and opened the door the man of my dreams was on one knee with our families behind him. I was extremely happy, no tear whatsoever until he started talking and crying… I love this man so much I said YES 3 times!!!! I love you, DQ, till death do us part.