Rupi and Rishi

How We Met

We met 5 years ago at a mutual friend’s birthday party, we were set up to meet with the mutual friend afterwards & we hit it off. It didn’t take long, we fell for each-other pretty quickly.

how they asked

Rishi & I planned to spend the day together celebrating our 5 year anniversary, that afternoon he picked me up and we headed to “the spot”. When we pulled into the parking lot I spotted the venue sign, Graydon Hall Manor, Rishi told me he knew how much I loved the venue when I came across it online a while ago and had set up lunch there. As we walked in I saw employees, a lady carrying in decorations and a group of people sitting out on the patio. We walked around and ended up at the garden area where Rishi started leading me towards a set up that was facing away from us. I immediately thought of the lady carrying in decorations and pulled on his hand while telling him we couldn’t go there because someone was setting something up.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Graydon Hall Manor

Of course Rishi started leading me towards it anyway and told me not to worry, when we approached the set up I turned to look at the photos and realized they were pictures of us! I turned to Rishi but before I could get a word in he brought me into the centre of a heart made of rose petals and asked me to dance with one of my favourite songs playing in the background.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Graydon Hall Manor

As we slow danced he said what he needed to say to me & after he finished speaking he spun me and got down on one knee.

Special Thanks

Amish Thakrar