Rukmani and Arun

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How We Met

Believe it or not – we met on OkCupid!

After years of being on dating apps like Tinder, Coffee Mets Bagel, and Bumble – I was absolutely done with online dating. BUT, there was one app I hadn’t tried – OkCupid.

So reluctantly, I decided to give it a shoot, but just for ONE day so I could say I’d tried it.

Little did I know that my Fiance would be the first guy to send me a message the very first day I downloaded the app!

Fair to say that I never went back to online dating again :)

how they asked

He picked me up from work and surprised me with a DSLR camera. I love photography but lately, I’ve been taking fewer and fewer pictures so he wanted to give me a gift to help me get back into it.

He insisted that I start using the camera right away so we went to a park near my house, Kissena Park, and walked around taking pictures.

As we walked and I clicked away, he reminded me of all the times we had come here during the early parts of our relationship (when it was still a big secret from my family). I would tell my family I was going for a walk and instead I’d go see him and we’d sit by my favorite tree (a beautiful oak) and talk for hours.

Eventually we ended up at that very tree, where he’d setup a picnic for us. We sat down and he pulled out a card.

“I always give you card when I get you a gift,” he said.

In the card was his proposal.

I began crying as I read through it and when I looked up – he was down on one knee, asking me to marry him.

I said yes and as soon as he put the ring on my finger, it started pouring rain! It truly felt like something out of a romantic comedy.

The next day at work he send me flowers with a note that said “Thank you for making me the luckiest man in the world yesterday.”

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