Rudy and Mohamad

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How We Met

Well, I guess our story begins a few weeks before we actually met. I was on my way to my first class for my master’s program to become an SLP and my friend called me to say “ I found your future husband”. Of course I did not think much of it at the time but I would be lying if I would say I wasn’t the least bit intreged.

A few weeks went by and the same friend held a BBQ party before a university football game at his house and invited us both. It was as though my heart knew that was him because the moment I saw him, I couldn’t stop laughing and my smile wouldn’t leave my face. I looked over to my friend and said “is that him?” He said, “yes and I suggest you go calm down and then introduce yourself.”

Surprisingly, he came up to me and introduced himself and came to find out he is Lebanese ( I am first generation American, my family is from Lebanon). We hit it off right away, spent the whole night talking (never made it to the football game) and exchanged phone numbers.

Since that day we were inseparable. We did everything together, spent all our time together and my heart felt so complete. I found my everything at a BBQ party.

how they asked

After a year and a half of dating, we decided to plan a trip with my family to go back to Lebanon so that I can meet his family and spend the holiday season back home in Lebanon my extended family.

My aunt is an event planner overseas and told me she has a big event in the downtown of Beirut ( Beirut Souks) and needed a bunch of people to go to start a crowd going and to get people interested.

What I didn’t know was that the Christmas parade that was coming towards me was actually my proposal. Mohamad was disguised as one of the trumpet men and all the characters were holding signs of various messages Mohamad has described to me about myself (you make my heart dance; you are my sunshine etc) I began to read those signs and think how I wish Mohamad was here to see this. All of sudden, I see a man come towards me, spins me and takes of his mask. Mohamad was the man behind the mask and he got down on one knee and proposed.

After the celebration he had a private dinner reserved at the rooftop of Le Grey restaurant with a decorated table. He made sure I had a proposal for everyone to see and a private one where we were able to express our love intimately over a candlelite meal.

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