Ruchi and Sachin

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How We Met: It was fate. He knew we were meant to be together from the day we met – it was 2005, the summer before my junior year (his sophomore year) of high school. Sachin was patient and determined to win my heart; I, however, made things difficult by being a stubborn teenager who was convinced we would be better off as friends – this went on for the first 5 years of our story! Our friendship grew and over time, Sachin and I became as close as we could be without actually dating.

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In April of 2010 my excuses of why we *shouldn’t* be together ran out and I finally gave us a chance… man oh man, it was the best decision I have ever made. Sachin and I spent the entire summer together before we moved to Northern California to go to colleges that were only 45 minutes away from each other.

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The next five years were full of laughter, sorority formals, graduations, a black lab puppy, new jobs, and finding our place in the world… together.

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Fast forward to June 2015…

how they asked: Sachin’s cousin was getting married on the East Coast and he causally mentioned to me that we would need to go home (Southern California) at the end of June to attend a West Coast reception for the couple. At first, this raised a question in my mind – we had discussed getting engaged sometime in 2015, and I wondered if this could be the weekend. But, he had told me about the “reception” months before so I dismissed the idea.

The morning of the 27th was a whirlwind. Sachin had convinced me to get my nails done and buy a new dress because I would be meeting his entire extended family at the “reception.” I spent the morning getting my nails done with my sister, gossiping with my friend while she did my hair, and anxiously waiting for Sachin to pick me up. He had made lunch reservations at a restaurant in Newport Beach, so we could have a quiet afternoon before heading across the street to the “reception.”

To say I had butterflies in my stomach would be an understatement – I was restless and had a feeling that my life was going to change that day. I came down the stairs to find Sachin, looking handsome as ever, having a beer with my dad. (I later found out this was to calm his nerves!) Immediately, a calmness came over me; I forgot about anything that I thought might happen that day and just wanted to spend the afternoon with my favorite guy.

We drove to Newport Beach and parked the car. Sachin said we had some time before our reservation, and we’d walk along the pier until it was time. As I tried not to get hangry, he grabbed a bottle of wine for us take to lunch and we began walking. We reached the boat docks I couldn’t help but notice how perfect the weather was and how happy I was to be there with him. We approached a low stone wall and Sachin suggested we sit there and have a glass of wine. The view and the smells of the beach prompted nostalgic memories to come flooding through my head; Sachin immediately knew what I was thinking and began reminiscing about the last ten years. The ups, the downs, the inside jokes, and, of course, laughing over how long it took me to say yes to a date with him in the first place.

He began talking about how after we began dating, he felt as though he could do anything with me by his side. He stood up, I turned around to face him, and said, “Ruchi, the last five years have meant more to me than you’ll ever know. But. I think it’s time that we look forward, and redefine our relationship from boyfriend and girlfriend.” He pulled out a cherry red box and with the happiest smile I have ever seen on his face asked, “Will you marry me?” My face lit up and my smile immediately matched his.
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As I exclaimed “Is this really happening? Are you serious?!”, I noticed a photographer in the back taking pictures of us.

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Sachin recaptured my attention by asking, “so is that a yes?” I enthusiastically nodded my head and said, “of course!” as he slid the most beautiful cushion cut diamond ring onto my finger.

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Sachin knew that I wanted the actual proposal to be in an intimate setting; just the two of us to relish in the moment and enjoy it knowing this story would always be ours to tell. But, he didn’t want our day to end there. He then told me, that our day did *not* involve lunch reservations or a wedding reception; instead we were going to each of our parents homes to celebrate with them before heading off to enjoy a romantic dinner for two.

As we approached my parents house, I kicked off my heels, ready to run inside, and show off my gorgeous ring to my parents and siblings.

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It was then that I found out that Sachin had one more surprise planned for me – a party in my parent’s backyard with 50 of our closest family and friends. Celebrating with everyone we loved, drinking champagne, and enjoying the evening was the perfect way to end the most perfect day.

The Monday after the proposal I was driving to work and the song playing on the radio was the song we heard the night we started dating: “Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars…I could really use a wish right now…”

Like I said… It was fate.