Ruby and Richard

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How We Met

Richard and I met at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada. We were part of the same Christian fellowship but never became close friends until right before I graduated. We happened to be in the same Drama elective that had very little work and all we did were watch movies, musicals, and plays. It was a night class and we also lived really close, so we ended up going to class and going home together every time. The course also had a lot of interesting and sometimes controversial topics that we often discussed together and helped each other in our homework assignments. We became good friends but a semester quickly went by, and many things were about to change. I was ready to leave for my exchange semester in Germany, and he was staying at Queen’s. My family also moved to California at that point, which also meant I would move there right after my exchange semester. Though we went on a couple of dates, the busyness of these big transitions in my life really held us back.

My temporary move to Germany and the States were not easy transitions. Throughout the months that I was away, Richard and I kept in touch and we often Skyped and shared about our lives. Richard prayed for me and encouraged me as I went through some of my best travel times in Germany and the ups and downs of moving to a different country. By the time my exchange semester was done, it was that daunting time to look for a job! Since my family moved to the States, I started applying for jobs there. But not being a U.S. citizen made job hunting very difficult. After much thought and prayer, I got a job interview in Toronto. As soon as I flew to Toronto, Richard picked me up at the airport and asked me out that very night! It was a leap of faith for us as there was no certainty that I would get that job and would have to fly back to the States very soon. And we soon found out that I did not get the job. It took another two months before I got a job offer and settled in Toronto. By the time I got there, Richard also went on exchange to Belgium. So our relationship started with a lot of long-distance. It was rooted in much prayer with two very imperfect people. The distance drew us closer in ways we never thought would. By the grace of God we reunited in Toronto for good after a year and are now happily engaged after almost two and a half years.

how they asked

Richard and I had our first kiss on a warm, sunny day in June. We were in a small park in Toronto. It is one of those ordinary parks that is extraordinary to us – especially after he proposed to me there! I should also mention that we have a thing with parks, we always go to parks together to enjoy a walk, a picnic, or just read together. So even though we were anticipating a proposal this year, I was not suspicious when he asked to go to High Park, which is a popular park in Toronto that we go quite often. With my horrible sense of direction and the lack of attention to his driving, I only realized we weren’t in High Park after he parked his car. “This is not High Park!” I said after we got there. “Oh, we are going to a park near High Park,” he casually said. I became a little bit suspicious, and as we trekked a long while on a really hot day, I also wondered why he parked so far away. As we came closer I recognized it was the park when we first kissed! We had never gone back to the park since then. By this point I just had a lot of question marks in my head and couldn’t hear what he was saying to me anymore. He pulled out a towel and we sat on the lawn. He said he was going to get me flowers to congratulate me on finishing the school year, but instead he had a better gift. He pulled out a scrap book from his bag and we read it together. In it there was all the little milestones and marks of God’s faithfulness in our relationship. Each page had a pocket that was filled with the memories we made. In them were letters and post cards we wrote to each other when we were apart, or pictures that we took together. They really reminded me of how we grew to love and cherish one another. I felt a little emotional, but mostly also very excited.

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Here is how Richard asked: the last page of the scrap book had a card that I made when we first started dating. The card had our first conversation on Facebook written on it. I chuckled and he asked me to turn to the back of the card. I did and it said in all caps: WILL YOU MARRY ME? My head was spinning at this point. I was thinking if I should say yes to the card (haha). The next thing I knew, he got up and got the ring out and went down on one knee. He said something cheesy like how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, but all I wanted to do at this point was to say YES! After I did three of our friends came out of the bushes. Thanks to them we now have all these incredible pictures of the proposal.

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Afterwards we went to The Keg Mansion – this is also where we went on our first date as a couple! On our drive there, we parked and prayed together. I’m so thankful for my loving fiancé who is this incredible man of prayer. We gave thanks to God, praised Him for His goodness and faithfulness. We were able to celebrate our engagement with our friends and family that night (thank you so much for coming out, friends!) Now we are really looking forward to the wedding. It is truly a beautiful union to represent Christ and the Church. We want every bit of it to bring glory to God and have the best time of our lives with our friends and family. Until then!