Ruby and Grace

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Pennsylvania

How We Met

We met when we were teenagers online.. we met in January 2019. I’m from Australia and he is from America.. we spent a month together in June with my daughter Ivy.

Ruby and Grace's Engagement in Pennsylvania

How They Asked

On June 4th we wanted to go to the park before dinner just for a walk. I thought… he was so nervous… I was thinking you bloody need to eat! He stood me there and held my hands… I saw him looking over my shoulder but he kept telling me to look in his eyes.. even though he wasn’t looking at me back! (Rude) lol… then I heard a little girls voice.. and he reached into his pocket.

I looked back and saw his sister with my daughter and his niece.. when I looked back at him he was on one knee. “Grace! Will you marry me?” I started crying and just kissed his beautiful mouth as I said yes!! The best part about this was my daughter got to see one of the most important and happiest moments of my life! His sister then had us be models all over the park and I’m so glad she did! Now I have these special moments captured!! We got married 10 days later on June 14th! He is my human! My absolute everything and I’d say YES a million times over!

Special Thanks

Yudy Valdez
 | Photographer