Danielle + Chadd | Rubik's Cube Marriage Proposal

Image 1 of Danielle + Chadd | Rubik's Cube Marriage ProposalHow We Met: Chadd and I met briefly in college at a Halloween party where he played for the University of Central Florida baseball team and I played for the soccer team. When I laid my eyes on him at the party he was dressed up as a Rubik’s Cube, nonetheless that was my last impression and image of him that I never forgot. On June 19, 2012, it was three years later and we reconnected. He drove up to Ocala and asked my father if he could take me out to dinner. Reluctantly, my old-school Italian Father saw that Chadd was a first class gentleman and allowed him to take me out for a very exquisite steak dinner. Keep in mind, this was pretty much considered a blind date and we both had no idea of what to expect. Seriously, what guy do you ladies know would drive an hour an a half for a blind date, take the girl out for the first time, and even meet the whole family for the first time? Believe it or not, it sure did happen and it was the start of something new that I prayed and dreamed about for many years. Call me crazy, but this was God’s plan the whole time and I did not even know it. That blind date is where it all began and it was the best decision of Chadd’s life. The decision to go on a blind date with the girl he would later ask to marry him!

how they asked: The day Chadd proposed had a lot of thought and meaning behind it. For starters, we both had been trying to get both families together for quite some time; now when I say this it really was quite an ordeal because both families are quite large. Excluding ourselves and our parents, Chadd (being the oldest) has three brothers and three sisters and I have one sister and three brothers. Not to mention, I am the oldest but I also am a triplet which includes my only sister and my oldest brother – pretty cool! So when I say how much time, effort, and behind the scenes planning Chadd put into this in trying to get both families together it truly was worth it. Little did I know that he was proposing, I was just under the impression that our family was hosting the Hartman Family to come up to Ocala for a family dinner and getting know each and everyone.

Now to the fun part. January 19, 2014 was the day of the family gathering and also the day that would change my life forever. It was a cool brisk and beautiful Sunday in Ocala, FL. I was nervous and excited at the same time because you never know what could go down with two large families. About two hours into the gathering I was full of smiles and extremely blessed to see how both families got along so well. To me, that is what life is all about – FAMILY. I remember sitting back and taking a second to capture the moment: the boys were watching football and joking around, the girls were sitting around the fireplace laughing and smiling, and both parents were enjoying themselves engaging in good conversation. I thought to myself, can this day get any better? Two great families in good company all because two individuals fell in love. As I sat there feeling truly blessed, Chadd came over to me and asked me to go outside and hang with the ladies. Not having a clue what he was up to, he walked me up to our Pavilion and pulled out a chair for me like a gentleman and told me to sit back relax and enjoy the fire with a nice glass of wine. Keep in mind I could not see what was going on behind me as he wanted my focus on the fireplace and all the ladies. Next thing I know, the song “Who You Love” by John Mayer (this was a song we liked to call ours) starts playing and he comes up from behind and sets in front of me this shoebox beautifully wrapped in silver. I was not expecting a present but if you knew Chadd he was always full of surprises. Full of excitement I opened the box and there in the box was a Rubik’s Cube laying on top of a bed of red rose petals. After about 5 seconds of fully registering what was written on the Rubik’s Cube, I read “Will You Marry Me” and completely lost it.

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As I started to cry he grabbed the Rubik’s Cube where the top opened and inside it was the ring box.

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He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Overjoyed, I SAID YES, and could not wait to kiss and hug him. Image 7 of Danielle + Chadd | Rubik's Cube Marriage ProposalImage 8 of Danielle + Chadd | Rubik's Cube Marriage ProposalImage 9 of Danielle + Chadd | Rubik's Cube Marriage Proposal

As an Italian tradition, my parents surprised us with a 2003 and 2004 Vintage Dom Pérignon champagne bottles to toast to the newly engaged couple. Chadd and I popped open the bottles and shared an amazing toast to each other as well as both of our parents welcoming us into each family with their blessings.

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We then later find a “She Said Yes” banner inside on the mantle along with a bunch of engagement gifts from both families. Later, my mother surprised us with a beautiful Betty Cake that had our engagement date on it and custom heart shaped short-bread cookies in Tiffany Blue with our initials on each one. The perfect end to an amazing day was sharing the good news with the rest of the family who stopped by to congratulate us both.

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The meaning behind January 19, 2014: I later found out how special Chadd wanted to make this day and incorporate the significance of 19. January 19, 2o14 was our 19 months of being together as a couple. The ring he designed himself has 9 diamonds on each side of the setting which makes 18 plus the center stone which makes the magic number 19. The greatest detail of all is that the center stone is 1.9 carats (representing 19 again), VVS1 clarity (perfect; flawless), platinum, and he chose the color “H” to represent my future last name, Hartman. The ring has the same setting as Cartier with a round brilliant diamond. It’s classic, gorgeous, and will sparkle forever. Most importantly, the ring symbolizes Chadd’s eternal and everlasting love for me. Image 13 of Danielle + Chadd | Rubik's Cube Marriage Proposal

As for one last detail, Chadd chose to place the ring inside the Rubik’s Cube because if you remember, the first time I saw Chadd he was dressed up as a Rubik’s Cube. All these little details are what makes our engagement story so unique and special!

This seriously was the greatest blessing God has ever given me. Chadd could have chosen to propose anywhere, but he chose to do it in my backyard on the patio overlooking the gorgeous view of our golf course with both families present – which is the most important aspect in both of our lives. Chadd, my fiance, does everything from the heart and the way he planned this life-changing moment was beyond PERFECT. I am thankful for the Hartman family coming up to make this day special and for my whole family’s love and support. I, personally give my utmost gratitude and appreciation to my Mother and Father, who helped organize the most perfect day for Chadd and hosting a homemade Italian feast for everyone. They worked so hard and I am so thankful for them both. I love you! Image 14 of Danielle + Chadd | Rubik's Cube Marriage Proposal

God has blessed me with the best family I could ever ask for and I look forward to what he has in store for our future. Chadd, I am honored and proud to be your fiance. You have made me the happiest girl in the world; my life is complete with you in it! You are special to me and I thank you from my whole heart for planning the most perfect proposal I will never forget. I love you forever!

I get to marry the man of my dreams!