Rubi and Zachary

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How We Met

I first met Zach when I was 12. We went to rival junior high schools, so I would occasionally see him at games. i thought he was so annoying , because they always beat us and he loved to brag. We lost touch and reconnected in high school. We started out as friends our freshman year. We would talk almost everyday , but we were just friends. When spring break of our sophomore year rolled around he asked me if I would be his girlfriend. I remember it like it was yesterday the date was on march 15, 2009. I was in Oklahoma, at the lake. Once I responded yes to his text (LOL) I couldn’t wait to go back to Texas. We’ve been dating ever since . This picture id from our first “date ” I was 15 and he was 16.

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how they asked

It was two weeks before Christmas and I received a text message from my friend Joseph. He told he about a friend he had in college that was studying to be photographer. She was taking a class and needed to fill up her portfolio for her final grade. so he was wondering if Zach and i would be willing to “model” in order to help her out. He said he had already asked several of our other friends , but none had responded. After asking Zach if he was willing to participate (ha-ha), i told him we were willing to help. So we made plans to meet up on December 23 at 1:00. well the 20 came around and Joseph text me again and said that all of our other friends ended up saying responding and they could all only meet up on the 24. Zach and I also agreed and went on about our day. while this is all going on my sister RANDOMLY asks me if I want to go to the nail salon with her. since she’s always so busy running her business I was shocked and slightly suspicious. I asked her ” why do you wanna go to the nail salon so randomly ?, Is Zach proposing ?” She did a really good job at saying no and and convincing me to get my nails done with her…

Fast forward to the 23 and my best friend Alyssa who is also attending the “shoot”, asks me if I want to get ready at her house and i agree. The 24th FINALLY gets here, I leave work ( because we had to work a half day on Christmas eve and head to Alyssas apartment. I get there and we start getting ready doing our hair and makeup. We’re about to head out the house and notice Alyssa has jeans on while I’m in a dress. I tell her i feel like I’m too over dressed maybe i should change ? Luckily she convinces me to stay the way I am and we head out to the park where the pictures are being taken. We finally all ( my sister, brother in law, my BFF , Zach’s BFF, and Joseph ) get there and the session gets started.

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It finally comes down to Zach and I posing, the photographer instructs me to close my eyes and lay my head on his chest . Being the goof that I am, I LITERALLY close my eyes and put them on his chest. When I finally decide to toast like an adult I lay my head on his chest and notice his heart i beating super fast. i open my eyes and say ” WOW babe your heart is beating so fast, are you okay?” But the time I’m done with my sentence i look at him and he’s down on one knee.

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He then asks ” Rubi will you marry me ?” at this point I’m disbelief .. I start laughing and tell him to het up, ( he likes to play with me too much ) and he says no babe I’m being 100% serious will you marry me?

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I immediately started crying and said yes!

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Rubi and Zachary's Engagement in Dallas, TX

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