Rubi and Jared

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How We Met

We met at the age of 14 years old, she would go on vacation to Mexico with her family every summer. We became friends right away but she had something about her that made me feel a little more than friendship towards her, she was beautiful and the with the sweetest personality.

Obviously I was 14 years old and probably didn’t know anything about love, but she sure did catch my attention. I would always tease her that on day she would marry me , and she didn’t know it but she was falling in love with me.

Now she was one of the shiest person I had met so naturally that would embarrass her so much and would turn red and deny it every time, but I wasn’t going to give up that easy.

As the years went by we both dated other people, but always kept in touch. We were both very close friends and always talked about our relationships and other things. We would only see each other in the summer time and sometimes during Christmas when they would visit my hometown.

At the age of 21, we both didn’t have any one, she would sometimes go on dates, and me as a teaser I would always tell her that she could go on as many dates as she wanted but she would marry me.

I flew to her hometown and got the courage to ask her to be my girlfriend finally after so many years of wanting more than friendship with her, I never thought she would date someone like me, but she made me the luckiest guy when she said she would be my girl friend….

And I guess I was right all along, because she said yes…..

how they asked

On Sunday November 20, we had a photo shoot planned out and for me it was something so casual and not strange for him to set up a shoot for us to do with my friend, Jennifer Cortes. ( AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER BTW)

We had other shoots in the past before so for me this was just another shoot but little did I know that on that day I would say YES to the easiest question ever asked.

We had been into the shoot for about thirty minutes and our photographer suggested we go to another area of the garden to take more pictures.

She had already got ahead of us so we began to walk towards the place she was at, Nico started walking a little faster and started to pull me by the hand and as we got closer to the place I started to hear a mariachi band playing and that is when I saw pictures of us hung with lanterns and lights, at that moment I knew.

I started to cry and couldn’t control myself, something I had been dreaming about my whole life was finally happening and it could have been any better.

He lead me to this gazebo with light all around it and I kid you not, I do not remember a word he said to me but what stood out the most was when he got on what knee and asked me to be his wife.

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Everything was perfect about that moment! He planned out every single detail on the spot and oh so romantic!!

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I am one blessed person to have this amazing human being as the person I will spend forever with.

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Special Thanks

Jenniffer Cortes
 | Photographer
Mariachi Real de Alvaraz - Fort Worth Texas
 | Mariachi Band