Ruben and Ana

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How We Met

Ruben and I have a running joke that we get everything from Target including each other. We met while working there, he was the new employee and I was his new boss. Aside from it being frowned upon to date, we were both in relationships at the time so we kept our distance. It wasn’t until three years later when we both became single that he made his interest known. He was moving onto a new position and a new store and did not want to leave without attempting to take me out. Little did he know, I had fell in love with his smile the first time we met. So when he asked if I wanted to get together after work one evening I didn’t hesitate to say yes! Six years later I had the same response when he asked me to marry him!

how they asked

The weeks leading up to the proposal had been very chaotic. We had just taken a vacation and we were settling back into our normal routine. Meanwhile we were also preparing for his grandmother to visit from Mexico and lets just say the guest room had become more like a closet over time. We were also very excited to see his sister graduate from UIC with her graduate degree, which was the reason for abuelita’s visit. There had been a lot going on, so when he asked if I would be getting my nails and hair done before the graduation it seemed relatively normal. I also didn’t think it was curious when he wanted to take grandma to more of a tourist area since we don’t have many opportunities to do so.

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On the day of the proposal I came home from work and got ready for an evening out with his family. It was grandma’s last day, so it was nice that we all got to share one last outing with her. We had decided that we would go to The Art Institute of Chicago. We had gone through a few exhibits when his mother suggested that we take pictures in the garden area before it got dark. As we walked toward the garden we realized it was closed. We went back into the museum and thought about other locations to take pictures in.

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His father noticed that there was another designated garden area on the map, so while Ruben and I went to take a look at the location, his mother and brother went to the gift shop. We decided that it was a decent enough location to take photos and took all the regular family pictures. As the picture frenzy finished we had broken off into smaller conversations. I was talking to his mother when she said she wanted to show me what she purchased at the gift shop. There was a bag, two bookmarks, and a book. She said that she thought it was so cute and wanted me to read it. The title of the book was “Before You”. It was so sweet and had cute lines like “You put the cozy in the nook. You put the story in the book… I had a dream, you made it sweet.”

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It was very sentimental and something I wasn’t expecting to read in this setting. I was having trouble holding the book and turning the pages so Ruben came over and started to read it out loud with me. When we got to the last page of the book he read the last line out loud “what took you so long?” I closed the book and in his hand, he had the box, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I responded with a muffled “Yes” which was all I could get out mid ugly cry. It was truly perfect!

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