Rozen and Jared

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How We Met

Jared and I actually met for the very first time at a New Year’s Eve party many, many years ago (my best guess is around 2011). We were both dating other people at the time, so we briefly met and didn’t really see each other again until a year or two later. My best friend and her (now) husband were really good friends with Jared, so we would all go to parties and bonfires at his house throughout the year. I was in a relationship at the time, but I always thought he that Jared was incredibly funny, kind, and I’ll admit cute. In Fall of 2014 those same best friends of mine got married, Jared and I were both in the wedding party. I was newly single at the time, but that wedding definitely put Jared on my radar and I on his. On (yet another) New Year’s Day in 2015, I reconnected with Jared at small get together my best friends threw for the huge Ohio State vs. Alabama game (OSU won big time, by the way. Go Buckeyes!). After that I couldn’t get that man off of my mind. I had such a huge crush on him! Fast forward to March 2015 and you could find me celebrating my birthday with my best friends and Jared, of course. Long after my friends called it a night, Jared and I stayed up until 7 am talking on the couch. Just talking and laughing, about anything and everything. When he left the apartment that morning I could not stop smiling. I was hooked (a little fishing pun for my, now, fisherman husband-to-be), and I somehow knew after that day that this was the man that I was going to marry.


how they asked

Jared and I are very outdoorsy and love to hike, fish, kayak, camp, etc. We have been to many cool places over the last 2 years, so it’s not unusual for us to be planning a trip at any given time. Just after our two-year anniversary, Jared and I had planned a trip to Red River Gorge in Kentucky. We had been to RRG the year before and loved the area! There was one hike that we did the previous year that was a little off the beaten path, but yielded such beautiful views!

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It was our favorite memory of that trip and this year Jared kept suggesting that we do that hike again. I had my suspicions, but he was so nonchalant about what day we did it that I figured he had nothing planned and wrote it off. On Saturday, April 29th we woke up early in the morning to rain outside the cabin. It surprised me when he suggested that we do “the” hike, but I happily went along with it. The day cleared up and it turned out to be a beautiful hike! We got on top of the huge stone formation and hiked to the end. There turned out to be two other guys up top near one end, so eventually we headed to the other end to take in the views, just the two of us. Jared suggested that we take a picture, so he set up his GoPro near a tree facing us. He does this on all of our little adventures, so I thought nothing of it. Little did I know, he was taking a video of my most favorite moment to date.

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Even now my memory is a little fuzzy, because all I can really remember is how happy I felt. After digging through his backpack, I remember seeing him turn around with a grin on his face and a red box in his hand. I remember feeling confused as to why he was so happy, and then again when I looked at the red box in his hand.

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I thought maybe it was a new GoPro battery, but then he knelt down on one knee. Even then I thought, maybe he has to tie his shoe? But then he said my full name and that I was his best friend; that I was the love of his life. The rest got lost in all of the ugly tears I cried. It was without a doubt the easiest “yes” of my life. I remember comically thinking that if a man could propose to me in a backwards hat, all sticky & sweaty & dirty, with that horrible Kim Kardashian cry face that I do, that this man must really love me. I cannot wait to be his wife. I’m marrying up, y’all!

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