Royson and Sheryl

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Chicago, IL

We *officially* met in Kentucky…

By April 2015, we knew each other for almost 10 years because we attended the same church in Chicago – we grew up in Choir and Youth Group and even sang in the Worship team together for the 2014 National Mar Thoma Youth Conference. It wasn’t until meeting again in Kentucky, however, that Sheryl finally started to really notice Royson (Sheryl: “his words, not mine!”). After a few months of playing text/phone tag while in Kentucky, we finally decided it was time to meet up in person at the Keeneland Horse Racing event for a Saturday in April 2015.

From there the rest was history…

…Keeneland was a success :)

From that day onwards we tried to spend as much time together as we possibly could (Royson attended medical school in eastern KY while Sheryl worked as an engineer for Nestle in Lexington, KY – almost 3 hours away from each other). If there was a free weekend after a block exam, we would bike ride along the greens of Legacy Trail, cook Coq au Vin for fancy dinner dates, chase our favorite food truck (Gastro Gnomes!), hike at the gorgeous Natural Bridge State Park, play with our two adopted fur babies (Yuki and Rufus :D), and voraciously eat at our favorite fast food joint, Indi’s (Sheryl and Royson: “highly, highly recommended – best wings we’ve ever had!”). It was only a few months later, however, when Sheryl was relocated to Eau Claire, WI for her next managerial role, a role that not only was 13 hours away but also 2 years in duration.

How were we going to handle the long distance?

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