Roya and Jake

Roya and Jake's Engagement in Cinque Terre, Italy

How We Met

Jake and I met for the first time almost 10 years ago in a college English class. We exchanged smiles a few times and had a mutual friend but it never progressed further than that. We both admit to thinking the other was cute, and being interested but ultimately both of us were too shy to pursue it. Which is probably for the best as we were only 18 and still had a ton to experience separately before the universe was ready for us to cross paths again.

How They Asked

Fast forward to 2016, Jake had recently gotten out of another relationship and was encouraged by his friends to join a dating app. I had been on the app for a few months but never really took it too seriously. I even deleted the app a couple of times in the short time I used it. I had been on a few dates here and there but always had this overwhelming feeling that although the guys I met were kind, it just didn’t feel right. After taking a break from the app, I decided to check it one last time while I was on vacation with my family and feeling a little bored…

I soon came across a really familiar face and immediately shouted “JACOB MOLINA!!!!” I knew this guy!!!!! To my excitement, we matched! Jake tried to play it really cool with the whole “hey you look really familiar but I can’t remember where I know you from” which lead me to second guess myself… did I actually ever meet Jake??? Didn’t we have a class together??? I messaged his picture to some of my closest friends just to confirm that I wasn’t losing my mind. Jake later admits to 100% knowing who I was the minute he saw my picture.

Where to Propose in Cinque Terre, Italy

After our first date, I messaged my sisters, mom and best friends telling them I found my person. From that day forward we’ve been pretty inseparable and have seen each other almost every single day for the past 3 years.

Proposal Ideas Cinque Terre, Italy

Since the beginning of our relationship, we both expressed how it was a dream of ours to travel to Italy and slowly started planning it together over the course of the next few years. First, it was just casual daydreaming but then we quickly decided that this was the summer it was going to happen! We booked our flights in February and spent the next 4 months booking hotels, activities, restaurants, and all the fun stuff. Little did I know, Jake was doing a little side planning on his own.

Having been together for 3 years, we had, of course, discussed our dreams of getting married and one day starting a family.

Jake played it really cool in the weeks leading up to our big trip. Without me knowing, he had asked my parents for my hand in marriage and designed a ring.

He even let me help him pack his luggage so I have no idea where he hid the ring but I definitely did not think he was planning a proposal at that point.

Our first stop in Italy was Cinque Terre and on the second day of our trip, we decided to go for a hike. My parents and younger sister were also in Italy at the same time so we had all planned to go together.

While we knew the view would be gorgeous, this was not a leisurely stroll like we expected. We started the hike climbing up dozens of flights of steps, navigating up and down hills in the hot sun. Needless to say, I was drenched in sweat within a matter of minutes.

My mom hadn’t packed running shoes for the day so she and my dad had fallen behind a little bit. At this point, we had been hiking for a good 2 hours and I was just so determined to get to the end of the trail and throw myself in the sea to cool off.

Jake, my little sister and I got to a lookout where Jake and my sister suggested we stop and wait for my parents to catch up to us. I tried to protest telling them that if we make fewer stops we can get to the end faster …but of course, they both knew why we were really stopping so I lost that battle. I accepted defeat and we just admired the view of the mountainside and sea. I told Jake I had just finished my water and that I was still really thirsty. At that point, he was already poking around in his backpack so I assumed it was to get me a bottle of water. But he sort of just got back up and stood beside me. I could tell that he was really nervous because I could feel him shaking a little bit and he was acting out of the ordinary. That’s when I sensed that something was about to happen. He held me close, told me he loved me and said that he had to ask me something. Cue butterflies and all the finger and toe tingles. As I turned around to face him he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

My little sister was there to capture the moment as she and Jakes planned and 5 minutes later my parents caught up just in time to discover what had just happened!

It was such a simple yet beautiful moment and to be surrounded by my parents and sister with a breathtaking view was indescribable but something I will never forget.