Roxy and Jason

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how we met

Jason and I met eight years ago at a local pub in Miami Beach. We were complete strangers, had no mutual friends, went to different schools and are five years apart in age, with no common ground it was almost impossible to have ever met until fate brought us together.

He had no intention of going out that night but a couple of his friends dragged him out of the house to grab a beer. I was out for a work marketing event. The second Jason walked in I noticed him. We locked eyes and I initiated the conversation. We chatted the entire night it felt as though we were old friends just catching up. As we said goodbye he handed me his business card asking me to call him sometime. I was crushed and left the pub puzzled as to why he didn’t ask me for my phone number. I put his business card in my pocket and figured I would never see him again. Luckily as we said goodbye I had mentioned that we were headed to another bar nearby. To my surprise he followed me there, found me, and apologized for being too nervous to ask me for my phone number before and made sure this time he did not leave without it. He called me the very next day and we talked on the phone for over 8 hours, it felt as if I had known him my whole life. The rest is history! We spent the next 5 years traveling the world together and falling completely in love!

how they asked

I can honestly say he caught me completely off-guard. Under the guise of my best friends’ birthday, Jason had her get me all excited for a fancy dinner at the posh Gibraltar Restaurant in the Grove Isle Hotel in Coconut Grove. As we arrived at the restaurant my best friend (aka the Birthday Girl and whole reason I thought I was there) calls me and says she is running late. Jason suggests we go outside to wait by a beautiful fire pit overlooking Biscayne Bay. It was a typical hot and humid July day in Miami making sitting around a fire pit an odd choice. Not thinking much of it we sit to wait for the rest of our party to arrive, a waiter approaches us and asks if we would like something to drink while we wait. We both ask for a water as we are now feeling the heat of the fire pit melt us.

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Moments later the waiter re-appears with two glasses of water and a beautiful tea pot and two tea cups that we did not order. I was so preoccupied writing my best friend’s birthday card that I barely looked up at the waiter. Finally, Jason points to the tea pot and says “Look at the teapot Honey!” I then notice the teapot was hand painted with little love birds and had our names and the date on it, “Roxy & Jason 7-7-12” Nothing registered. I was puzzled as Jason got up, walked over to me and got on his knee. He opened the tea pot and inside was not tea but a ring box.

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He opened the box to reveal the most beautiful sapphire ring engagement I had ever seen. He started to give me a dissertation of the meaning of a sapphire engagement ring. It all hit me and this is when I broke into a nervous laughter, I was so nervous I just couldn’t stop laughing. Between all the laughter he was able to squeeze in a “Will you marry me?” and I, of course, say yes!

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He then points up to reveal a photographer in hiding and shooting away! Jason hired him to capture the entire proposal!

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After a few moments alone relishing in our newly engaged status the photographer took us around the hotel property for an impromptu engagement shoot. I am so lucky I have these memories to look back on forever. As it turns out the night was never truly intended to be a birthday dinner for my best friend and they were not ever supposed to show up! He planned the entire proposal seamlessly! We then had a romantic dinner alone, with lots of celebratory champagne and then retired to the beautiful room Jason reserved for the night over looking Biscayne Bay. It was absolutely perfect! I still get butterflies in my stomach every time I retell the story. He did so good!

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