Roxy and Ben

How We Met

Well, it started with a right swipe, 2 different countries, and one love story. We first met in San Diego where I’m from, and Ben my fiancé was/is from Belgium. We had our first date at a coffee shop and ended up spending 6 hours there! I instantly knew there was a spark. However, he was leaving to go back home in a week, so as much as I felt a spark I did not have my hopes up as he was leaving to go back to Belgium. We began Skyping a lot and texting nonstop, eventually, we just knew what we had was special and 3 months later I booked a flight to Brussels to visit not knowing what would happen.

We established our relationship and 2 weeks later I came home. We then planned his trip to come, visit me 3 months later. After a lot of Skype calls and long distance relationships, I decided to try and move to Belgium. With no avail on the job sponsorship part, we knew we had to 2 choices, either get married or wait 2 years for the cohabitation visa. Eventually We decided to wait, and I ended up living back and forth between San Diego and Brussels for 2  long years (3 months there, three months home) and finally, after applying for the visa..9 months later in September, I got my resident visa to live in Brussels permanently!

how they asked

Ben and I were in So Cal visiting my friends and family and on a mini getaway to the desert with my parents, photographer brother, and best friend there he got down on one knee and popped the question. We were at the most gorgeous restaurant and while I had no clue posing for a “photo” was actually code for him getting down on one knee I was in shock.

We had designed the ring together in Antwerp (the diamond capital) so I knew things were getting real but I was completely off guard and had no idea it was going to happen back home. It was the happiest moment of my life and I couldn’t believe that all of this had come from an app and swiping right.  A month later and we are both so happy and cannot wait to plan out future wedding!