Roxanne and Zach

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How We Met: We met at local bar through some mutual friends. He asked me out on a date that night, but I turned him down. I don’t think I actually went out on a date with him for another month or two after he asked for the third time to take me to dinner…

how they asked: That entire day he was acting so strange and secretive. I knew something was up with him but I couldn’t quite figure it out. We had been talking about getting engaged, and I was assuming it would be sometime soon. He came over to my parent’s house when it was just us and the dog and he proposed. My dog Molly was so confused why he got on one knee and wasn’t playing with her. It was sweet and simple. I think the most adoring part of the whole thing is what I found out after. Zach had got the ring that day. He had been talking to my parents and his about how to surprise me and all kinds of grand gestures and ways to do. They thought he was going to wait until the next week and plan something big, but as soon as he was handed the ring he drove straight to my house and proposed. I found it endearing how excited he was to propose to me that he couldn’t wait more than a few minutes to do it.

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Photos by: Heather Chipps Photography