Roxanne and Steven


How We Met

Steven and I met at a concert, we hung out one night after a concert and became friends, 6 months later, we dated, and 6 years later he asked me to marry him.

how they asked

My little sister married a Marine, a week later she moved from Visalia Ca to Hawaii. I felt that it was rushed, and she was the one I would shop with, go to lunch with, and with short notice, she was gone! I had never visited Hawaii, and my now fiancé, Steven, suggested we planned a trip to visit her. It was a new experience for the both of us, we had never even been on an airplane. When we got to Hawaii, we did a lot, and we were having a blast. On our last day in Hawaii, I insisted that we visited a light house, since I’m obsessed with light houses.


We showed up to the light house trail, and read it was an hour long… we took the hike, and at the very top of the mountain, I could see a beautiful light house with an amazing ocean view. As we took a picture, I noticed Steven wasn’t by my side anymore. I turned to him, and I was in disbelief to see him kneeling on one knee asking me to marry him. This was unexpected and a huge surprise. All of our friends and family knew that he was going to propose, except me. Most unforgettable trip to Hawaii, I get to marry my best friend!





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