Roxanne and Matthew

How We Met

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Matthew and I met when I was 12 years old at our local train station. I went to an all girls High school and he went to the local all boys High school. We grew up together and the scary thing is, for most of our lives, we literally lived about 60 seconds away from each other but had never met until that Thursday back in high school! I guess we were destined to meet one way or another and as years passed by we grew to become best friends and like many, we had lots of fights, but also lots of great memories too! I fell deeply in love with him when I was about 16 years old but because of all the pressure to date from those around us because we were such best friends, he was very hesitant so it never went any further than that friendship. Then one night when I was 17 years old, he took my first kiss and also took my breath away! But like every love story, it has to be a little complicated so, again, nothing came out of that kiss. I then moved 3 and a half hours away to go to University after we finished High school, but true to his word, he would call me at 8:30pm every night to see how my day went and that I was safe being away from home. Then one day, I had a really rough day and I just wanted to talk to my best friend, so my phone rang again at 8:30pm like it did every other night and I broke down and I told him how much I loved him but I couldn’t wait around and see him love someone else if that day were to ever happen. He then caught a 4 and a half hour train and bus ride the next day to my dorm room and well I guess the rest is history.

how they asked

I was feeling a bit blue so I spontaneously decided to go to Newcastle which is about 3 and a half hours away from where I live to go visit a good friend that I went to university with so I could get away for a little while. So I texted Matthew while I was on my way to tell him that I was on my way to Newcastle and wont be back till possibly the following day. We had a party that night so he tried to get me back saying we were supposed to meet our friends at 3pm so if I could be back in time that would be great! But I was being stubborn and told him I just needed some time to get my mind off things and he said okay, come back when you are ready. I then got a text message from my sister saying she was having an engagement party that afternoon if we could make it (she got engaged a few days earlier). I was so angry because I had just arrived to Newcastle and in order for me to be back for the engagement party I would have to leave as soon as possible! So I called Matthew and told him that I was coming back because my sister was having a late minute engagement party. I drove all the way home, exhausted from a pretty much 7 hour round trip! I then heard my two year old nephew talking in my mums room so I went in to go give him a big hug and when I went in, both my mum and my nephew were looking outside the window. I wasnt thinking anything of it so I called my nephew to come hug me. When he ran into my arms, the doorbell rang and I told my nephew it was probably Matthew and that he has keys so we wouldnt need to get the door. Eventually, after some time having noone enter the door, I went down and Matthew’s two bestfriends were standing outside. I opened the door and one had an envelope saying “Our Story” and the other was standing taking photos. I opened the envelope and it said “Hello Roxanne, Get Ready, shower and dress nicely. Go with Mikhail and Julius. You dont need to ask questions. I love you.” So, thats what I did, I got ready and just as I was about to get in the car the boys blindfolded me and started driving. They drove me to 4 different locations that were significant to my relationship with Matthew. First was our local train station-where we first met, then my highschool- to resemble how our high schools were the brother and sister school in our district, then my sisters house- to signify our family home and growing up living 60 seconds away from eachother, then our parish church- where we have been devoted youth music ministers for over ten years together. At each of these locations was a wrapped photo frame which had photos of us growing up and significant dates and milestones in our relationship (30/09/2004- the day we first met; 21/11/2009- the night I took him as my date to my highschool formal; 01/03/2010- My first day of Uni which was 3 and a half hours away from home; 01/04/2010- the day we decided to become girlfriend and boyfriend). At the back of these photo frames was another envelope expressing what each of these dates meant to him and how much he loved me. The final stop was at this beautiful park and when I arrived still blindfolded, my heart was racing, what was going to happen at this location? Was this another stop or was this the FINAL stop. They took off my blindfold and it was really hard for my eyes to adjust but when they did I saw our family and friends standing in two lines leading up to a pergola at the top of a hill. They were holding up signs saying “our next chapter” and as I walked towards matthew who was standing in the pergola with another wrapped photo frame, they turned the signs around which read “to be continued…” When I finally reached the top he gave me the present he was holding and as i unwrapped it, the date was the 12/12/2015 which was the day he proposed and as I turned it around the letter in the envelope read “and the next chapter is…” and as I looked up he was down on one knee with a beautiful Diamond ring and he asked me to marry him!!!

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