Roxanne and Cody

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How We Met

We met through mutual friends, Anna and Casey. I work closely with Anna at Neogenomics Laboratories and Cody worked with Casey for many years at Val Ward Cadillac in Fort Myers. I was living with Casey and Anna for about a month and a half until I could get back up on my feet and get into my own apartment. One night after work they invited me to come out with them to the Cape Coral Brewery for Casey’s birthday. Casey let me know that he “invited one of their buddies” to come along also. They told me that they thought we would get along and if anything could be friends because we have a lot in common. So, the three of us were drinking, playing games and hanging out at the Brewery. Cody was running late and so I thought he wasn’t going to come out to meet me but Anna was very persistent at trying to get Cody to come out. Little did I know, Cody lived all the way out in Lehigh Acres, FL (which is a good 45-minute drive from the Cape Coral brewery).

Cody said to himself that night “I should go out….. I could meet my future wife tonight”. He decided to drive all the way out there to meet me. We were both very quiet and reserved that first night because it is a little awkward when you know you are being “set up” with someone but looking back it was the best thing that’s ever happened to us. After that first night, we texted each other often and Cody continued to drive back and forth from Lehigh Acres to Cape Coral to spend time with me. Cody worked up the “liquid” courage to kiss me at Firestone’s Sky bar in downtown Fort Myers after a couple weeks of hanging out. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

Our one year anniversary was 1/21/2018. So we planned to have a day of relaxation and quality time on that Saturday (1/20/2018). We planned to do brunch, a couples massage, and a nice dinner at a place that neither of us had been to before but that we had heard was really nice. My only request was that it was on the water. So we decided on Doc Ford’s together. Little did I know, We were planning our Anniversary celebration and Engagement!!! So we did all of the things we had planned including a couple’s massage that was super romantic and included chocolate covered strawberries and mimosas. We both walked out really relaxed and ready to enjoy the rest of the evening.

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On the way to dinner, Cody stayed very calm and collected and was not suspicious at all. We arrived at Doc Ford’s and the hostess took us to a table with pretty much the best view in the house on the deck of the second floor of the restaurant (as requested by Cody beforehand). We could see the water, the dock and all of the boats. We ate dinner and the food was amazing! As we were finishing up Cody suggested that we go down by the water before we leave and take a look at the boats downstairs which I, of course, said yes to because I love the water. So we walk all the way down to the end where the Doc Ford’s sign is and Cody takes his phone out and takes a selfie of us. He shows it to me and zooms into the people in the background and asks “who’s that??” and I said “Oh, that looks like my mom”- I turn around to look and it is definitely my mom! Then as I turned back to look at Cody in confusion, he gets down on one knee and asks “Will you Marry me, Baby?” I was totally surprised and had no idea that he had plans to do this.

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It was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. My mom (who drove all the way from Atlanta), Cody’s parents, and some other close family friends were there the whole time waiting for the perfect moment. And they even got a stranger to take some pictures of the whole thing!!

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