Roxann and James

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How We Met

James and I were introduced by mutual friends. My sorority sister had recently met a guy and he was wanting her to meet his “brother”. She didn’t want to go to the meeting alone and asked me to accompany her after another friend cancelled. I was reluctant to go because I was weeks away from heading back to UM and had no desire to be involved with someone at home, but despite this sentiment I went anyway. I remember when we were waiting for the guys to get in the car (we all were riding together) I thought how ready I was for the night to end because there was no way this guy was going to be worth talking to all night. When James got in the car and turned around to meet us I saw he had GORGEOUS light brown eyes. I knew at that exact moment that I for sure wanted to talk to him that night. Seeing as it wasn’t actually a blind date, James and I weren’t obligated to talk to each other all night.

Other guys must have magically known this because there was one particularly aggressive suitor vying for my attention. I wasn’t interested and tried to signal to James to save me. Well unfortunately for me, James missed 100% of the passes I was throwing. I ended up having to deal with the guy on my own, but I was sure to tease James about not catching my hints. By the end of the night, we’d talked enough to realize we shared quite a bit in common and agreed to exchange telephone numbers. James and I managed to get in a date or two before I left for school and once I went back we talked daily. Neither of us were in any rush to change our relationship status, but we enjoyed talking to each other. In February 2012, James made his first trip to Miami. The trip had a few speed bumps, but he told me he “thought of me as his girlfriend” and just like that we were a couple.

how they asked

James and I have been talking about marriage for quite sometime. I’m a very direct person and after a few years of dating I let it be known that I was ready to take the next step. While I don’t think for a second James had any doubts about us being together forever, I do think he was slow to come around to this idea of marriage. He eventually started talking about the future and using phrase like “when we’re married” so I started to anticipate his proposal…this probably started 18 months ago. So for 18 months, every holiday I basically held my breath thinking this was it and frankly was disappointed every time it didn’t happen. With our 5 year anniversary approaching, I think James would say I’d reached the peak of my crazy impatience. We had discussed spending the day together and having dinner at a seafood restaurant I’d been dying to try.

I spent the entire week leading up to it poking and prodding him for any clue that he may propose, but he stayed tight lipped. I did my usual before a celebratory holiday (nails, hair, new outfit) and prayed this was FINALLY it. The day of, I had a few clues something might be happening (like flowers showing up and him telling me I couldn’t look at the card until Saturday, but I’ve read things as as signs and been wrong before. At dinner, I asked James what his favorite moments from the past five years were. His first response was kind of short, but after my more detailed one, he all of a sudden had thought of more moments.

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He started listing off some pretty memorable times in our relationship and finished off his list by saying “…and this moment right here”. He pulled the ring out of his pocket, said some more stuff that I can’t remember because I was internally freaking out, and then snapped me back to attention by saying “so, will you?” I had actually missed the first time he said the words “will you marry me?” so he asked again and I happily agreed that I would!

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