Roxana and Corey

Roxana and Corey's Engagement in Rockefeller Center, New York City

How We Met

I live in Mexico City, and Corey is from Canada but was transferred for work from Chicago to Mexico. It was his first week in Mexico and he had no idea of the culture, friends, places, or Spanish! I had never used tinder or anything similar because it can be dangerous and extremely atypical in Mexico. I had recently came back from studying in the US and was sitting in my law firm office, it was my first time using this kind of apps and he was the first an last person I met there! We both swiped right and I said “hi Corey” because I had no idea how it worked! We started talking and met the next day. We exchanged phone numbers and had lunch at a sushi place called Tori Tori which was close by both our offices. We talked and talked and ever since that day never stopped! I introduced him to the Mexican culture and showed him historical places (I still am) and our first road trip was to the romantic UNESCO heritage city called San Miguel de Allende which is where we will say “I do”! This is our first picture together and we will get married in the Cathedra in the background.

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Corey told me a month in advance that he had to attend the arbitration court in NYC (which for me was not random because I am a lawyer and that is the typical jurisdiction selected for arbitration). After that month he suddenly asked me “hey, how is work looking like next week, remember I have to go to NYC for couple days? do you want to come?” and I said yes sure lets go!

We flew to NYC and even stayed at his work apartment! where people from his work have offices in, so I had no idea at all of what was going on! The first night we went to a Knicks game and he handled to get us VIP passes, I had never been to the Madison Square Garden! This trip was full of surprises.

The next day he told me he had to meet with his friend at Central Station because they would go together to court, we had breakfast before and he was quiet the whole time! I talked and talked! Corey told me to go to the stores and meet him at the Rockefeller Center later that day, my best friend who lives in Paris was texting me an asked me to go all the way through the 5th Av. Christmas windows and show her pictures (she knew the whole time). All on a sudden she stopped texting and I started walking back to the Rockefeller Center as Corey told me to meet there at 1:30 pm. I arrived before and met him there and he said “Oh you’re early” and I said “yes let’s go to Magnolia Bakery I am craving a cupcake and I have never been there” He said “No, no, let’s go ice skating, my friend Tom gave me this tickets”. I didn’t really want to go ice skating because me being Mexican, I am not used to so much cold! but he convinced me and we started skating.

We stopped by the gold sculpture and he said “look at those icicles” and I didn’t understand because I have never heard that word before (not native English speaker). The guy who was monitoring the rink asked us if we wanted a picture by the sculpture and I said yes for sure! We were posing and Corey started pulling me to the middle and I was like hey why isn’t he giving you your phone back? and why didn’t he take the picture, let’s do it again :) I was so distracted that I did not realize that the ice rink was empty all on a sudden! he was completely quiet! He stopped in the very middle of the ice rink and my favorite singer Michael Bublé music was playing in the background and I still didn’t realize what was going on! Corey said: “You have to promise me you are not going to fall” and I said no why? (I thought he was going to do some hockey trick as we had been in an ice rink 2 weeks before). Then he suddenly got on one knee and proposed. I was completely shocked and people were cheering everywhere around! We then went to the Sea Side Grill at the Rockefeller and champagne was ready for us in a private table, everyone was so nice and coming to congratulate us!! It was so magical and romantic! Christmas time certainly gave it a big plus! I have to add that I had never seen “snowing” and it happened that day! It was so amazing I still have no words to explain how lucky I am to have this amazing man by my side, he certainly makes sure I am happy and feel loved every single day.

We did not have a photographer for the proposal, but we did engagement pictures later during the winter.

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