Roulitza and Eddien

Image 2 of Roulitza and Eddie

How We Met

Eddie and I met in high school in Miami, but we weren’t in the same class. His junior year, he actually transferred schools, but because we had some friends in common we started hanging out. Eventually, one thing led to another and my crush turned into my boyfriend & here we are ENGAGED 6 years later!

Image 1 of Roulitza and Eddie

Image 3 of Roulitza and Eddie

How They Asked

We came to Colorado with all of Eddie’s siblings to visit his parents who have been living out here since the quarantine started. His parents suggested we go to happy hour at one of our favorite restaurants here & on the way his mom begged us to stop and take a photo along the scenic route.

Image 4 of Roulitza and Eddie

We took the usual family photos and then it was our turn for a photo. Suddenly, Eddie was on one knee with the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. From then on, everything was a blur. The funniest thing is that Eddie didn’t even ask, and I forgot to say yes!

Image 5 of Roulitza and Eddie

Image 6 of Roulitza and Eddie

Special Thanks

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