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how we met

Ross and I actually met in Kindergarten. We attended the same school from K-12 where we both graduated and went on to attend the same University. No, we didn’t follow each other to college but coming from the same small school system we both enjoyed the smaller campus.

Before I jump into the magical moment I must share our story. As mentioned before, Ross and I met in Kindergarten where I saw him every other Friday (he went Monday and Wednesday and I went Tuesday and Thursday, we each went every other Friday). Fast forward to fourth grade where I, unknowingly, became Ross’s girlfriend. Ross and I were friends but what I didn’t know was that he told his older brother, and who knows who else, that I was his girlfriend. Jump forward another few years to eighth grade. He was a phenomenal football player even at a young age, but unfortunately I wasn’t impressed with his antics. I didn’t think twice about him nor did I think he thought twice about me… oh, how I was wrong.

Sometime midway through eighth grade I took a half-day off of school to get my braces off and of course, go to a hair appointment. It wasn’t until later that Ross told me that the day I came back to school without braces and bouncing curls was the day he knew he fell in love.

Now on to high school, where Ross, still a phenomenal athlete, became one of the most humble guys I knew. We started dating in 2009, the second half of our freshman year. We shared our first kiss under the snowflakes and went on our first date at the pumpkin patch. The rest is history.

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how they asked

Little did I know that Ross had been planning and making arrangements for months in advance. He actually bought the ring that I am wearing today nearly three months before the proposal. He planned everything from how he was going to do it to making sure he had my makeup bag in the car in case I cried.

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We spent the weekend in our hometown at his parent’s house. On Sunday afternoon, the day of the proposal, I went to my nephew’s soccer game. I thought it was odd that Ross did not want to go with me, but hindsight is always 20/20. The plan was to meet up with him and his family at the pumpkin patch after the soccer game. This pumpkin patch just so happened to be the same pumpkin patch where we had our very first date. It was not a rarity to do things with our entire family, his and mine. It was also not a rarity for my best friend, a photographer, to be in attendance with her camera.

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Once we arrived at the pumpkin patch we all wondered around looking for the perfect pumpkin. I was determined to find it before Ross but it turns out he had a different plan. He motioned for me to come to one he had found but I was resistant. I thought I saw a perfect pumpkin in the distance, besides the one he was pointing to had some kind of writing or something on it.

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As I finally gave in I noticed that the “some kind of writing” was in fact a marriage proposal. Once I could realize was happening our families were circled around us. As my vision shifted back to him he was down on one knee with a smile on his face.

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He had prepared an entire speech, which of course made the both of us tear up. Shaky hands and all I of course accepted with an unconventional, “Well, duh!” After nearly 7 years I finally get to marry the love of my life.

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