Ross and Angela

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How We Met

Angela and I met over 6 years ago. She lived in Vancouver, BC and I lived in Toronto, ON. I came across her profile on Facebook one day and her gorgeous smile and eyes stopped me in my tracks. Totally not typical of me, but I randomly reached out to Angela, and we started to exchanged messages. I could tell she was very hesitant of this random person who just messaged her out of the blue. Finally, I was flying out to Vancouver for business, I convinced Angela to meet me for lunch. I could tell she was super nervous and so was I, but it was a great 1st date and she was even more beautiful in person. Our relationship began from there. We dated long distance for about two and a half years, until finally Angela decided to move in with me in Toronto. We lived together for 2 years but there were many ups and downs. We just couldn’t make it work, and unfortunately in January of 2016 we broke up and Angela moved back to Vancouver.

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This was devastating for both of us and although we both knew this was the right decision at the time, she was never out of my thoughts every day. Over the next 10 months, we both tried to get over the break up and move on with our lives, but every few weeks we checked in with each other to see how the other was doing. We both jumped back into the dating world, with the hopes of finding “the one”, but with every date we went on, we only compared that person to each other and they just were not good enough. In October of 2016, ten months later, I went out to Vancouver on business and I met Angela for lunch. I had thought about her a lot over the time apart and deep down inside I missed her like crazy. As soon as I saw her, I gave her the biggest hug. We had a great day chatting about what was going on in our lives and I think at that point we had grown as people and learned from what didn’t work in the past, and we still both loved each other deeply.

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Over the next two months, we started to chat more, and then we decided that we wanted to give this thing another try. The first time round was just bad timing and was destined to fail, but this time I felt that we had come a long way and understood many of the things that didn’t work the first time. December of 2016 was a tough time for Angela as her father became really sick with Cancer. He was deteriorating faster than we had expected. I flew out to Vancouver several times to be there with her and support her and spend time with her dad also in the hospital. This experience brought us even closer together as it proved that we wanted to be together in good times and in bad. Unfortunately, Angela’s father passed away on December 28th, 2016. A very devastating time for Angela and her family. Fortunately however, I had the chance to have a private chat with her father before he passed and I asked him for his daughter’s hand in marriage and I promised to take the best care of her that I could. He had the biggest smile on his face and gave me his blessing. I knew at that time that I was complete and wanted to spend the rest of my life with Angela.

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how they asked

I always knew I wanted to do a fun and crazy proposal. For months and months I watched YouTube videos of proposals and noted many ideas and cool things that I could do. Finally, with the help of a planner, I came up with the perfect proposal idea. From day one, I have always called Angela my Bella Princess, so what a more fitting idea than to propose in a real castle to my Bella Princess. I told Angela that we got free tickets from a client to do a private tour of Casa Loma (largest full size castle in north america). I also told her that they were filming a promotional video so there may be cameras around. I rented out the castle for the proposal.

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We arrived at the castle, and she had absolutely no clue what was going on. When we arrived there were tickets waiting for us at the entrance, and we even signed a fake waiver for the promotional video. We had a fake tour guide who took us around the castle. She was not very knowledgeable but that was pretty funny. She worked with our planning company and not with the castle. After the tour we made our way back down to the main level. I hired an LED drum band to play a few sets.

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Angela was surprised and caught off guard. We followed the band into the beautiful conservatory where they finished their set. We then made our way into the romantic library. It was decorated with beautiful chandeliers, candles and flowers. I hired a singer to sing some amazing songs (Mary Me – by Train and I wont Give Up – by Jason Mraz). We walked down the candle lit path where there was a princess crown waiting on a pedestal. After the first song I placed the crown on her head and gave a short speech. I think dropped down on one knee and proposed. She obviously said yes and made me the happiest person ever.

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