Rosmery and Zubin


How We Met

According to their mutual friend Rene, Zubin and Rosmery were introduced by him in the Summer of 2010, but Zubin and Rosmery were too busy with other things that they do not recall such incident. Fast forward to October of 2012 Rene re-introduced them at an ALPFA Fundraising Event or the famous Masquerade Ball in NYC.

Zubin was wearing a mask and Rosmery had no idea what she was getting into — and now almost 5 years later Rosmery is going to be stuck with Zubin forever.

how they asked

It was a beautiful March day in the costal town of Cartagena, Colombia. We had spent the entire day on the beach and were just going to head out to grab dinner. Zubin had mentioned that we had dinner reservations at a small restaurant that one of his friends back in New Jersey had recommended. After a 15 minute cab ride we got to the waterfront and instead of rushing to make it to our reservations, I was led into the direction of a boat waiting by the docks. This seemed quite odd as Zubin prefers staying away from most water bodies due to his lack of swimming skills. His reasoning for getting on the boat was that there was a change in plans and we were going to head to a different restaurant for dinner.

As we got to the middle of the Caribbean sea and with our small boat rocking with the waves. Zubin stood up, got to his knees and shared his speech (which I only remember he said “he had asked my parents for permission”). Overcome with emotion and with tears rolling down my face I just nodded my head so he had to ask me the question “Will You Marry Me?” again and at that point I said Yes!


He had not only arranged for a bottle of Champagne and flowers but also a professional photographer who captured this entire event.


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